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HAMAMATSU Gasket Co., Ltd.

A global presence in manufacturing of gaskets for motorcycles and other applications

We are a manufacturer of parts for transport machinery founded in 1954.  We manufacture and sell engines for automobiles, motorcycles, and outboard motors gaskets, as well as exhaust systems and gaskets.  We have acquired patents in gaskets for exhaust pipes and mufflers.  We have a track record of gaskets for motorcycles with domestic firms including Yamaha and Suzuki, as well as British, Italian, and American manufacturers.  We also manufacture and sell silicone foam sheets and molded stainless fiber mesh products.  We have overseas facilities in China and Vietnam.

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[Company strength]
(i) Regarding gaskets, we have a fully integrated system from design and evaluation to manufacturing (in-house Thompson die production) for everything from mass market to racing applications.
(ii) Regarding our original silicone foam sheets Hamagasu Foam, we can produce liquid silicone foam sheets without interruption.  Only three companies in Japan can handle this.
(iii) Regarding molded stainless fiber mesh products, we offer the design-to-production integration both in our domestic and overseas facilities in China and Vietnam.

[Business description]
? We manufacture and sell engines and exhaust systems and gaskets for automobiles, motorcycles, outboard motors, and others.  We also produce our original "Hamagasu Foam", silicone foam sheet, and molded stainless fiber mesh products.

? We have locations overseas (2 in China and 1 in Vietnam).

Manufacturer of parts for transport machinery

[Strength of products/technologies]
(i) Regarding motorcycle gaskets, we deal with domestic manufacturers (Yamaha and Suzuki) and overseas manufacturers (those in the UK, Italy, and the USA).  We have a proven track record and are specialized in technologies for motorcycle part design and evaluation.

(ii) For Hamagasu Foam silicone foam sheet material it is possible to compound this with other materials as well. The company also produces a type of sheet that fully adheres with acrylic adhesives, which are generally a poor match with silicone foam. (Technology subject to the Management Innovation Subsidy.)
(iii) Regarding the molded stainless fiber mesh products, we offer cost competitiveness by using our automated molding machines and overseas production.

[Representative's message]
We are a gasket manufacturer that has been in operation for 59 years.  Located in Hamamatsu, we are specialized in gaskets, and have long manufactured mass produced gaskets for Yamaha and Suzuki.  In recent years, we have also received orders from overseas motorcycle manufacturers via trading companies.  With a focus on gasket technology, we also perform molding of materials such as silicon foam and stainless fiber mesh, and manufacture and sell our own niche products.  We have expanded our operation into China in 1994 and Vietnam in 2008.  Currently these plants are primarily engaged in product manufacturing, but we are also considering material production at those locations in the future.  

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our five staff members at the Sales Technology Department will handle technical consultations with major companies.  We have bilingual staff members, who will deal with inquiries from overseas companies in English and Chinese.  Our President will be in charge of responding to new customers both domestic and overseas. 

[Market share/Ranking]
Motorcycle gaskets (Yamaha 80% and Suzuki 50%) liquid silicone foam sheets (estimated to be 40% domestically) molded stainless fiber mesh products (share and ranking unknown)

[Awards and media coverage]
2010 Customer VE Excellence Award (Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd.) 2010 Customer Cost Center Excellence Award (Yutaka Giken)

ISO 9001 Eco Action 21

[Factory (domestic)]
Head office plant (Shizuoka Prefecture)

[Factory (overseas)]
Hamagasu Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Hanoi, Vietnam), SIL Gasket Co., Ltd. (Ningbo and Chongqing, China)

[Other sites]
Head office (Shizuoka Prefecture)

[Transaction form]
Prototype development orders, OEM agreements, joint development, contract manufacturing, product and materials sales, and others

[Transaction terms]
We will consider customer terms and conditions

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. (mass production 1963 to present) Yamaha Corporation (mass production 1974 to present) Suzuki Motor Corporation (mass production 1981 to present) Daikin Industries Co. Ltd. (mass production 1986 to present)

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Triumph (via trading company mass production 2001 to present) MV Agusta (mass production 2002 to present) Aprilia (via trading company 2004 to present) Husqvarna (via trading company mass production 2004 to present) Piaggio (via trading company mass production 2006 to present) Polaris (via trading company mass production 2010 to present)

[Exhibition History/Information]
SME Expo Sougouten 2007, New Technologies ? New Production Methods Exposition 2007 sponsored by Toyota Motor, VI Exposition 2008 sponsored by Toyota Motor

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