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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:14:52

Yield Inc.

Proven track record in the field of water purification using photocatalytic film

The company has developed a highly active and highly durable photocatalytic film that solves the peeling, performance and other problems that plague conventional photocatalytic coatings, which account for a predominant share of the industry. The company boasts a long history of achievement with high performance water purification equipment that fuses photocatalytic and ultrasound technologies.


[Product description] In a process similar to the formation of iron oxide corrosion on the surface of steel, Titanystar forcibly oxidizes the surface of pure titanium to create a highly active and highly durable photocatalytic film—without any binders, impurities or division between the active layer and the titanium metal. In addition, it also offers titanium’s strength, lightness and non-magnetic properties. Pure titanium adapts to a variety of forms, including sheet, line, pipe, mesh and others, and can be mold processed into virtually any desired shape, including cylindrical configurations. Furthermore, Titanystar is available in types created specifically for design, gaseous and liquid applications. This enables us to select the optimum base materials from the Titanystar series and put the power of pure titanium to work for you across a wide range of environmental purification applications. [Market share/Ranking] The company has its most extensive track record in water purification by photo catalyst. It also has track record in overseas sales. It has also been active in the area of air purification. [Intellectual property] Manufacturing Method for Photocatalysis Materials” - Japan Patent No. 3370290, US Patent No. 6344127; Titanystar Registered Trademark No. 4440358 [Major facilities and equipment] Dedicated software, direct power sources, heating furnaces and the like for Titanystar photocatalytic treatment

[Product description] The company has an extensive track record in water purification. However, photocatalysis proceeds by surface reaction, and the extensive treatment time required for water purification had been an issue. After examining various combinations of different oxidizing agents and mechanisms, we made the groundbreaking discovery that, by combining photocatalytic and ultrasound technologies, we were able to achieve a dramatic enhancement of water purification performance. This breakthrough led to the development of Aquabeam—an industry-first ultrasound/photocatalytic compound water purification device. This system, in which ultrasonic waves and ultraviolet light are aimed simultaneously at the Titanystar photocatalytic surface, enables the Aquabeam to purify water much more quickly and efficiently. [Market share/Ranking] We hold a leading position in photocatalytic water purification. [Intellectual property] Treatment Method of Target Substance in Aqueous Solution and Device Used in the Method and Photocatalysis Material” - Japan Patent No. 5357540; Aquabeam Trademark No. 5196999 [Major facilities and equipment] Photocatalyst Titanystar processing line, Aquabeam summary testing devices and the like