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M.I.L. Co., Ltd.

Our company has tailored automated visual inspection equipment as  requested.

Our company manufactures and sells non-contact visual inspection equipment utilizing image processor developed in-house.
We conduct scientific analysis for tasks requested by customers and also support production of specifications meticulously.
We build systems which meet customer demand.
We have many joint developments with major companies and patents. 
We are aimed at customer growth among equipment manufacturers transacting automotive and batteries parts related makers and trading companies.

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[Company strength]
We conduct scientific analysis and accurate, reproducible experimentation for tasks requested by customers, without charging any up-front fees, then submit a report from the customer’s point of view, specifying exactly what they will need to meet their desired production goals. Unlike more general-purpose equipment manufacturers, we create systems tailored to individual users’ needs. Customer satisfaction with our products and services is evident in our extremely high rate of repeat customers.

[Business description]
Our company manufactures and sells non-contact “machine vision” visual inspection equipment to meet customer needs and specifications. These systems combine custom inspection software with dimensional measurement, using our exclusively developed and manufactured visual processing devices for automatic form recognition and high-precision inspection for flaws and irregularities.
In recent years, we have taken a step forward from inspections with images from cameras.  With multi-channel temperature sensors and displacement sensors, we have applied our image processing and flaw enhancing technologies to develop and manufacture an inspection system that detects subtle changes in industrial products.  Automation of visual inspections is the area we have explored as specialists since our foundation.

Electronic Equipment Manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
1. Automatic form recognition sets the inspection range for hardware manufacturing 
2. Real-time hardware processing for high-speed surface inspection of polyhedron work
3. Automatic threshold setting of one pixel for a two million pixel image.
4. Development and manufacturing of a series of visual processing devices from area cameras to line sensor cameras
5. Technology to detect ultrafine thermal variations with excellent reproducibility, using high speed image and waveform processing of the thermal sensor signal

[Representative's message]
In domestic channel development, we aim to bring products to market that are useful to customers, based on automated visual inspection technology. Our target sectors include battery parts, automotive parts and equipment manufacturers in the Kanto, Shizuoka and Hokuriku regions of Japan.
Our current plans do not include direct overseas engagement, but we are interested in collaborating with equipment makers wishing to bring this type of image processing technology to facilities abroad.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Dealing with major enterprises: We work to assure that customers’ engineers are thoroughly educated, with software and instruction manuals for each system. Our technicians are also available for periodic inspections. Half of our conventional customers are major enterprises.
Internal structure for overseas development: Although we can and do create English manuals and handle FOB transactions, we basically try to limit business travel and maintenance to within domestic borders, so we have not established any formal system to handle overseas business.

[Awards and media coverage]
Encouragement Award of Tokyo Metropolitan Management Innovation in 2013

Recognized as New Product & Technology Development Support Business by Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center in 2013

[Joint research and development]
Extensive collaborative development with major enterprises, not including universities or public institutions

[Factory (domestic)]
At head office, Tokyo

[Other sites]
Sales research & development center (Tokyo), Business & application development center (Hamamatsu)

[Transaction form]
Contracts including prototype development, OEM, system presentation and single unit system sales proposals

[Transaction terms]
Promissory note or factoring within 30 days after delivery and inspection

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Automobile parts inspection, endoscopic image inspection, food and other sealing inspection

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
LCD glass inspection (Taiwan), automobile parts (TS, at Hamamatsu) and food

[Exhibition History/Information]

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