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Using the Needs Information Board and Other Tools to Cultivate Customers in Other Industries and Business Categories

Automotive parts manufacturer Morii Manufacturing (Ota Ward, Tokyo; president: Hideaki Morii) is looking to find customers in other industries and business categories. The company has embarked upon research and development for such difficult-to-cut materials as stainless steel (SUS) and dense bars, metal products that have a higher density than other common cast iron. Using tools such as J-GoodTech, a business matching site run by SME Support, JAPAN, the company seeks to make a full-scale foray into the turbo engine, medical, and aerospace industries. Managing Director Hideyuki Morii has declared his commitment to this cause with the slogan: "making 2016 the 'first year for difficult-to-cut materials'."

Using online and offline strategies

Morii Manufacturing is looking to its existing network, J-GoodTech, and other places to find business partners with experience in manufacturing and selling difficult-to-cut materials. Its goal is to work with partners to develop technologies, find new customers, and expand its portfolio. Through its everyday business activities and participation in business talks, the company has received a succession of requests for quotes involving materials it has no experience with, including difficult-to-cut materials and aluminum castings. Seeing this as a business opportunity, it decided to take a real shot at different industries and business categories. With the possibility of working with a business partner in mind, it is now exploring a range of business possibilities.

One of the tool it uses on the J-GoodTech site is the needs information board, a business matching forum. The forum allows it to post the issues it faces concerning things such as the research and development of difficult-to-cut materials and getting into other industries and business categories, and to find business partners over the Internet. The sales team does its job while at the same time the company takes the steps needed to better achieve growth. I"I like how all we need to do is post our requirements on the needs information board and wait for interested parties to come forward. The board provides good synergy between real space and the Internet," says Managing Director Morii.

In addition to helping enterprises get into different industries or business categories, the needs information board can be useful in enhancing cost competitiveness. Curbing production costs sometimes cannot be done using one's traditional technologies; sometimes new concepts and ideas are needed. In reference to the more than 3,000 first-rate SMEs registered (screened by SME Support, JAPAN) on J-GoodTech, Managing Director Morii says, "I believe there are enterprises we have never heard of that have the technologies, concepts, and ideas that we are looking for. Utilizing these resources and building a new supply chain is our goal." Morii Manufacturing has received several proposals for each of the projects it has posted on the needs information board and is currently in discussions with many of these enterprises. The company seems to be enjoying a certain measure of success in using the board.

Due to the nature of business negotiations, things do not always go according to enterprise managers' expectations. Follow-up talks are needed and results do not come right away. Still, Managing Director Morii is hopeful about the needs information board. "Even if a project we post on the needs information board does not pan out, we've occasionally found great business partners through other projects as a result. It's a means to grow one's network — that's the great thing about the board." As enterprises fiercely compete with each other to acquire customers, getting new businesses and new customers that improve profits is critical to a company's survival and growth. Morii Manufacturing has used its sales team, existing network, and J-GoodTech's needs information board to good effect, and will be making even greater undertakings going forward.

The company manufactures and distributes accelerators, engines, and transmission parts for transport machines, with a focus on trucks. Having expanded its portfolio over the years, it now handles a comprehensive range of operations spanning resource procurement to machining, welding, heat treatment, surface treatment (plating, coating), and assembly. It was founded in 1930 and has a production plant in Indonesia.

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  • Factory of Morii Manufacturing

Aiming to grow its network through the use of IT

Hideyuki Morii, managing director at Morii Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In preparation for expanding our business into other industries and business categories, we have set up the "New Business Group" this spring, a special department that has already made considerable progress, and we want to make good use of J-GoodTech in this endeavor. By leveraging the site as an IT tool for sales, we aim to make ourselves more broadly known in the hopes of expanding our network (supply chain). At the same time, we see J-GoodTech as a means to share information with enterprises overseas as well as those in Japan. Part of our mission is to develop more connections with overseas customers and suppliers. It would be a wonderful thing if many more SMEs would utilize J-GoodTech and restore the vitality of the small and midsize business sector in Japan. I hope Morii Manufacturing's efforts get that ball rolling.

Morii Manufacturing
Hideyuki Morii, managing director at Morii Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Corporate Information

Company Name
Morii Manufacturing
Hideyuki Morii
Ota-ku, Tokyo Nakarokugo 1-9-15, Japan 144-0055
Date of Establishment
March 1, 1930
40million JPY