J-GoodTech Business Matching Case File 002


Bethel, Boosting its Business in Asia through J-GoodTech

Bethel (Ishioka, Ibaraki; president: Junichi Suzuki) is looking to expand its business in Asia with the help of J-GoodTech, a business matching site run by SMJ Support, JAPAN. The company took part in the "Vietnamese CEO Business Talks" (December, 2015), an event attended by many Vietnamese companies registered on J-GoodTech, in the hopes of expanding sales of resin parts it has developed for use in medical equipment. It spoke with two local companies at the event and is now emailing both with the goal of signing distributor agreements. Bethel has a plant in Vietnam which it plans to use as a springboard for growing its business in Asian countries. "We're looking to boost sales of resin parts for medical applications in Japan and other countries. Over the next 10 years, we want to these products to make up the proportion of total sales that our electrical parts currently account for," says president Suzuki.

Making "connections" with Vietnamese enterprises through business talks

Bethel aims to increase Asian market sales of its plastic parts for medical applications, including needles for injections.In search of local enterprises to partner with, Bethel has utilized SME Support, JAPAN and the functions provided by J-GoodTech to hold talks with Vietgia Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company and Minh Anh General Export Import. Talks are still being held, and the company entertains the possibility of visiting local production facilities soon. "As societies around the world continue to gray, we will be focused on medical equipment as a segment likely to see considerable growth," says president Suzuki. "We want our partners to know more about Bethel and we want to know more about them. We will be conducting thorough discussions towards forging strong, trusting relationships."

Bethel is also conducting negotiations with Indonesian enterprises in the hopes of enhancing Indonesian market sales of medical parts made at Vietnamese plants. The company plans to build amply profitable systems in both Vietnam and Indonesia and then launch into the Asian market. "We’re making preparations now to celebrate Bethel's 'first year in Asian business' sometime next year or the following year," says president Suzuki. The goal for the time being is to achieve sales of ¥100 million in Asia and to boost the sales ratio of medical parts, which currently accounts for roughly 15% of annual sales. Bethel is a manufacturer that makes injection molded products using resin. It manufactures and distributes primarily ducts, wiring, and other electrical parts, and does ¥1.5 billion in annual sales. Its Vietnamese plant began operations in 2013 and now makes resin parts for mostly the Japanese market.

Vietgia Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company and Minh Anh General Export Import, both registered on J-GoodTech, had been looking to sign on with Japanese enterprises as importers or distributors. Vietgia Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company is mainly engaged in importing medical equipment and providing maintenance services. The bulk of its business involves medical equipment made in Europe. Minh Anh General Export Import is in the business of importing and sales. It sells mostly medical equipment made in Europe and the United States. It has a sales network among hospitals in Vietnam and was looking to produce medical implants and disposable medical products.

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  • Factory of Bethel

Making a new core business out of resin products (and more) for the medical industry

Junichi Suzuki, president of Bethel Co., Ltd.

In addition to resin electrical parts that form the backbone of our sales, Bethel is looking to establish a new core business in medical parts and precision parts as strategic products. Our Vietnamese plant has been in operation for three years and is now providing a stable supply of products for the Japanese market. Our focus now is on expanding sales in Vietnam, and then ASEAN nations. Companies outside Japan have expressed an interest in us, and business prospects are slowly taking shape. We aim to collaborate with the Indonesian companies with whom we have already developed connections. But we are in no hurry. We will need to make the right decisions based on the circumstances, including the business environment and the trusting relationships we build.

Junichi Suzuki, president of Bethel Co., Ltd.

Corporate Information

Company Name
Bethel Co., Ltd.
President Eiichi Suzuki
3-11, Aragane, Ishioka, Ibaraki, 315-0021 Japan
Date of Establishment
JPY48 million
JPY 1.18billion
Mapletree Business City, Vietnam