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It has been almost two years since the launch of the J-GoodTech, a business matching site managed and run by SMJ Support, JAPAN. J-GoodTech has seen solid growth in membership numbers: 3,500 SMEs, 300 large enterprises, and 2,000 non-Japanese enterprises have registered on the site. These rising numbers have fueled increasing business matches through the site. The "How Bright They Shine! J-GoodTech leveraged Enterprises" series looks at particularly noteworthy SMEs using J-GoodTech to grow their business. (3 articles, posted every Tuesday)

Tech-Taiyo Kogyo Gives Vietnamese Enterprise Production Order Worth Tens of Millions of Yen

Using J-GoodTech, a business matching site run by SMJ Support, JAPAN, Tech-Taiyo Kogyo(Ota Ward, Tokyo; president: Hiroshi Torikata), placed an order with a Vietnamese casting manufacturer for the production of proprietary pile foundation products to be used for installing solar panels, among other applications. This order was worth tens of millions of yen. Growing interest in solar power generation is driving market demand for these products, and Tech-Taiyo Kogyo is considering additional orders in the future. "Using J-GoodTech, we were able to make the acquaintance of large companies and overseas enterprises with which it normally would not have been easy to talk with," says President Torikata. "We hope to make extensive use of the service in the future to grow our business."

Breaking down the "language barrier" through support from SME Support, JAPAN

The final delivery by the Vietnamese enterprise was completed in the latter half of August. The entire order was originally to be delivered all at once. However, scheduling delays led to the order being delivered in three parts. Although the two parties communicated in English, work delays resulted when differences in perceptions gradually arose. The companies consulted SME Support, JAPAN, which provided a Vietnamese interpreter. This allowed the companies to clear up there misconceptions, and an executive from Tech-Taiyo Kogyo made several visits to the facility in Vietnam to provide technical guidance. Says president Torikata, "it was a good experience. I learned where improvements were needed. We have since received a new order from a Japanese company and will be thinking matters over, including re-examining our supplier."

Tech-Taiyo Kogyo had received an order for its proprietary pile foundation products from multiple Japanese enterprises and had been looking for a manufacturer. It took part in the Vietnamese CEO Business Talks event hosted by SME Support, JAPAN in December 2015, an event attended by a large number of non-Japanese enterprises registered on J-GoodTech. After talking with a casting manufacturer in Hanoi and exchanging emails, it decided to outsource production upon paying a visit to their facility in February 2016. "Labor is getting more expensive in China. As we were looking to cut costs, Vietnam was very attractive," says president Torikata. "The executives at the Vietnamese enterprise we talked to also seemed reliable."

On the subject of J-GoodTech, he says, "because our business had mostly consisted of public works projects, we wanted to expand into B2B business involving private enterprises. J-GoodTech brought this possibility into relief. There are very few opportunities for SMEs to approach large enterprises, so I am all the more thankful for the service." Tech-Taiyo Kogyo manufactures and sells machined metal products for use in public facilities. One of its goals is expanding sales of its "organic metal passivated paint ", a proprietary and eco-friendly anti-rust technology. President Torikata says he "wants to work with small and midsized paint companies through J-GoodTech," and plans to incorporate J-GoodTech into the company's business strategy.

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    Factory of TECH-TAIYO KOGYO

Wiping away rust worries domestically and overseas with proprietary anti-rust technologies

Hiroshi Torikata, president of Tech-Taiyo Kogyo

In our mission to expand overseas, using J-GoodTech has provided us with an opening. J-GoodTech helped us make a number of connections, including with large enterprises. In addition to our conventional public works business, we also plan to make it a central part of our B2B business. The company got its start doing contract processing (mainly welding) of metal products such as sheet metal and cans. We thereafter built up a portfolio of landscaping materials made using anti-weathering steel. Although rust is always a concern when it comes to metal products, Tech-Taiyo Kogyo has developed organic metal passivation rust-proofing technologies that takes this fear away. We hope to find more customers for these products in Japan and other countries.

Hiroshi Torikata, president of Tech-Taiyo Kogyo

Corporate Information

Company Name
CEO, Hiroshi Torikata
4-22-8 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan 144-0052
Date of Establishment
March 4, 1958
50 million JPY
830 million JPY
Shizuoka, Akita