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Published companies on 06/16/2017

Yamaki Electric Corporation (Tokyo)

We have entered the field of digital signage for airports and transportation facilities.

We have been providing analog and digital products and services including measuring equipment, communications equipment, acoustic equipment, and monitoring and control systems since our foundation in 1937. We have installed four business bases in Japan and one overseas, and established a production system to supply high-quality products and services on a timely basis according to customer needs. Our house-brand VU meter sound volume indicator has the top market share in Japan. We can take on consignment manufacturing corresponding to manufacturing the 0603 part size, flexible substrates, and so on. We are also building up a track record in digital signage (electronic signboards), such as flight information indicators for airports and LED indicators for transportation companies.

(Nagano Prefecture)

We offer precision plastic processing for medical equipment and information devices.

We apply precision plastic processing as our core technology to provide die design and manufacturing, molding and processing, and assembly in the medical equipment and information device fields. We comprehensively manage all manufacturing processes under an integrated production system. This is done to satisfy needs for timely mass production, cost reduction, and quick delivery while pursuing a clean environment, high precision, and high quality. We established a thorough QA system by effectively making use of our accumulated technologies and data. We plan to develop new businesses such as contract inspections with our newly introduced x-ray CT scanning equipment, and comprehensive contract manufacturing including secondary processing and assembly.

Kitamura Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

Our professionals are familiar with wood, and produce comfortable houses.

We started our corporate history in 1923 by selling precious wood. Our company has been engaged in woodworking, furnishing work, and interior finishing work for condominiums, schools, and hospitals as a primary subcontractor of a major construction company. Currently we also renovate houses in Tokyo and apply technology to make effective use of real estate. We provide renovation planning and troubleshooting about living environments as a new business-to-consumer (BtoC) business. We are also planning to open a professional library. Our new division will make proposals about vacant rooms to local landlords and real estate management companies. We will also focus on renovations that make use of construction knowledge and improvements for company-owned houses and buildings.

Yamazaki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Hyogo Prefecture)

We apply strong bonding copper brazing to various machines.

Our lines of business include powder metallurgy and sintered metal processing and sales as well as copper brazed goods manufacturing and sales. Our main products are currency transfer machine parts, bank ATM parts, automatic ticket gate parts, ticket machine parts, and cash register parts. We propose new value with necessary technology for customer needs. This is done by applying our technological capabilities gained from existing operations, including sub-assemblies and aluminum die castings. We also handle small palm-sized articles and high-mix low-volume production. We contribute to cost reduction and quality improvement by making suggestions based on our past experience and quality control projects in the field of parts for machines that handle money. We aim to enter the industrial machinery, transportation equipment, robotics, and golf industries by making use of our strong bonding copper brazing technology.

Ceratech Engineering Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

We have no competitors in Japan in the market for piezoelectric ignition plugs for gas appliances.

We develop and manufacture piezoelectric ceramic products. We have inherited all the piezoelectric ceramic manufacturing technology developed by RION (Kobayashi Science Research Center) more than 80 years ago. We are the only company in Japan that handles piezoelectric ignition plugs for gas appliances and piezoelectric oscillators for FA equipment part transportation. We can deal with high-mix products in the field of undersea and seabed investigation sensors. We hope to develop battery-less sensors as energy harvesting power supplies such as fatigue monitoring sensors for buildings as well as bone conduction loudspeakers. We also plan to develop piezoelectric rubber and noise reduction systems. Our goal is to be a manufacturer that does not neglect analog technology, and that creates the best mix with digital technology. We want to contribute to society through our extensive innovation power and technology.

Daiwa Denki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

We deliver transformers that match the characteristics of your equipment.

We offer integrated services regarding transformers from design to manufacturing according to the characteristics of each kind of equipment. We supply special transformers that can only be manufactured by hand, and products that can continue to work under severe natural conditions. We have advantages in making custom-made products. We are developing Monozukuri craftsmanship that is clearly differentiated from mass products. Our transformers are applied and introduced in communications systems, measurement equipment, medical equipment, railroad-related equipment, audio equipment, and so on.

Buildmentech Co,. Ltd. (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Our company develops resin injectors and tunnel-repairing chipping rods for civil engineering and construction.

Our company was established as a contractor in 1998. Our mainline business involves various kinds of construction work. This includes blasting, seismic reinforcement, maintenance and repairs, and preventive maintenance of concrete for buildings, bridges, tunnels, and other structures. Our company is also engaged in the industrial waste collection and transportation business because we need to carry and process industrial waste from worksites at treatment facilities. We have developed several kinds of devices and equipment with consideration for environmental friendliness, high quality, short turnarounds, and low prices as well as worker safety and low workloads. We are also proactive about collaborations with interested companies.

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Photo Precision Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

We offer precision processing using photolithography etching and related technologies.

We focus on consignment processing of customer products by making use of our photolithography etching processing technology mainly for customers in (elemental) R&D divisions. We can conduct integrated in-house precision processing in general by making use of photolithography etching and related technologies (such as vacuum deposition, sandblasting, dicing, and electroplating). Examples of the introduction and application of our products include test evaluation devices for manufacturing equipment, calibration parts for inspection equipment and X-ray telescopes, and in manufacturing various R&D devices.

Shikino High-Tech Co., Ltd. (Toyama Prefecture)

Our company provides IP cores for camera modules and semiconductor devices.

Our mainline business is to develop, manufacture, and sell in-house products. These products include IP cores and camera modules. Our IP cores are licensed to a semiconductor vendor. Our camera modules are sold for ATMs, medical equipment, and other industrial equipment. We also develop intelligent cameras based on image processing. We develop and manufacture burn-in devices and boards for semiconductor reliability testing in our electronic systems business. Our microelectronics business involves consignment design of digital and analog ICs as well as built-in systems using microcomputers.

Nadec Co., Ltd. (Nagano Prefecture)

Our patented technology for boring horizontal holes in small-diameter pipes is highly evaluated in the auto part field.

Our company designs and manufactures precision progressive press dies used for relay terminals and connector terminals, and we conduct press working. We patented our original NIPPS (Nadec Inner Press Punching System) technology for boring horizontal holes in small-diameter pipes. We use this technology for manufacturing important auto safety parts, and for selling dedicated processing systems. We also create and sell profile processing charts used for making precision die parts, which are used as a testing gauge. We make standard sheet gauges used in our microscope test kit as well as made-to-order gauges that are customized to given specifications.

Nichiden High frequency Corporation (Tokyo)

We design, manufacture, and sell HF induction heating equipment.

We design, manufacture, and sell HF induction heating equipment for metal heating, which integrates state-of-the-art technology. Our product lineup includes HF welding equipment for manufacturing steel pipes frequently used for infrastructure improvement. We supply quenching and tempering equipment for automobile parts that require high durability, welding and casting equipment for precious metal jewelry, and various kinds of electronic control equipment. We plan and design all of this equipment in our company according to specifications required by our customers. This is how we can supply unique, fully customized production equipment. Another advantage of in-house design is that we can handle remodeling, improvement, updating, and other measures according to changes in the production environment after equipment is introduced. We can make use of our after-sale maintenance service system to provide quick support in case of equipment failure.

RONK Japan Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa Prefecture)

We have developed a portable enterprise communication system that allows multiple users to talk simultaneously.

Our company applies extensive digital wireless technologies to plan, develop, manufacture, and sell a range of products including low-delay wireless digital modules. We also offer digital wireless guide systems, digital wireless intercoms, handy speakers (smartphone output for TV sound), wireless LED control systems, and wireless LED color mixing systems. Our technology allows us to offer contract development and contract manufacturing services. Another characteristic of our company is that these products can be provided at low cost. This is done by designing, manufacturing, and customizing them according to your needs at our subsidiary in Shanghai (Ronk Shanghai). Our customized digital wireless products have been adopted and positively evaluated by major companies for their technological advantages.

F. E. C. Co., Ltd. (Saitama Prefecture)

We provide drive transmission equipment that makes use of magnetism for use in conveyance and other applications.

We provide non-contact drive transmission equipment that makes use of the strong magnetism of neodymium magnets. Many of our products are utilized by conveyance equipment manufacturers. Recently we have also been selling our products to medical equipment manufacturers and food manufacturers through our sales agents. Our products can provide the same drive transmission as gears without contact, and they produce no dust due to wear. No-contact and no-noise operation are also big advantages of our products. Permanent magnets are used, so their magnetism falls only about several percent in a hundred years. The torque can be adjusted by changing the gap interval. Operation is stopped when the load exceeds a certain torque level, so our products can also be utilized as torque limiters.

Fukuoka Seitai Kougyou Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka Prefecture)

We handle production from small-lot business envelopes to large-lot direct mail envelopes.

Our main business is envelope planning, manufacturing, and sales, from small-lot business envelopes to large-lot direct mail envelopes and made-to-order envelops, as well as paper bags. We introduced offset printing equipment in addition to our existing paper bag and envelope business, and started to offer one-stop solutions to our customers. All processes including planning, design, printing, paper bag production, and shipping are managed via the Internet under an integrated production system. Our customers include General Asahi, DNP Graphica, Toppan Printing, and Toppan Forms.

Kuramoto Co., Ltd. (Miyagi Prefecture)

Our company has an integrated production system for liquid crystal glass substrates, including plane polishing.

Our company mainly manufactures glass substrates under an integrated production system from machining to deposition. Our system comprises machining, chamfering, corner cutting, polishing, and deposition processes. We also develop, manufacture, and sell flat panel display (FPD) glass substrates and thin-film devices. Our main products are liquid crystal display glass substrates, color filter glass substrates, and other glass substrates for EL and so on. We conduct various kinds of machining, polishing, and deposition. We have continuing transactions with Sharp, Japan Display Inc. (JDI), Toppan Printing, Dai Nippon Printing, and Asahi Glass. Our customers include a Taiwanese LCD manufacturer.

Vitas Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

Our company develops medical information management systems to provide a comfortable environment for inpatients.

Our mainline business is to develop medical information management systems and provide consulting services. We developed our Bedside Information Terminal System as a medical entertainment information service that brings together the inpatient amenity environment and medical environment, and provides a comfortable medical environment. We developed our Medical Nursing Support Pictogram mainly to assist medical staff with their work. This program supports medical treatment life as a communication tool that electronically displays patient information. Our company was selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the Service Industry Creation Support Project.

Okinawa Protein Tomography Ltd. (Okinawa Prefecture)

We provide structure analysis services for biopolymer visualization.

We provide structure analysis services that visualize proteins and other biopolymers at the single-molecule level. Our tomography-based services combine cryo-electron microscopy and a 3D structure analysis program (COMET) developed by OIST. We deliver the results of analyzing a 1-µg sample solution. We can analyze a sample without crystallization to ascertain structural changes of complex proteins. Our company has provided structure analysis services for protein complexes for Sysmex Corporation and structure analysis services for intercellular tight junctions for Ehime University.

Published companies on 06/15/2017

Some Q Technology Co., Ltd. (Ibaraki Prefecture)

We have productized coatings and primers that have excellent cohesion.

Our company offers a wide range of products, including cleaners, degreasers, sealants, glue, putty, and floor coating under our concept of all-round adhesiveness and being simple enough for everyone. Our Michakuron Series all-round primer has been adopted in automotive, construction, and industrial fields. This is because it can be applied to a wide range of materials including metals, glass, and resin with excellent adhesion between the material and coating. Our Somay-Q dye-type coating was created from our nanotechnology. Its nano-level particles permeate a material to create a dye-like effect in which the material appears to have been dyed, whether it is leather, cloth, wood, plastic, or metal. Treatment services are also available.


We have expanded our operation to add applied printed circuit products to our existing special printing business.

Our company has accumulated over 60 years of experience in membrane switch, decal, panel, and other related product development, manufacturing, and sales. We are trying to move beyond decorative printing by combining functional printing with electronic circuits to create new products. Our customer base includes approximately 500 companies, which are mostly in Japan. These transactions involve various products such as front panels (distinctive features for customer products), external indicators (automobiles, vehicles, and transportation equipment), switches (on electric products), and automobile interior parts. We are trying to cultivate sales channels in new fields with a new sensor that we developed by applying printed circuit technology through a combination of molding and decoration technologies.

Alumi-Surface Technologies Co., Ltd. (Ibaraki Prefecture)

We aim to be a total engineering company for aluminum surface treatment.

Our company was founded with investment from sources including the Japan Aluminium Products Association. We mainly conduct trial treatment and analysis of the physical properties of aluminum surface products such as aluminum anode oxidation processing (Alumite). We do business with customers in the fields of automobiles, mechanical part manufacturers, universities, and research institutes. We also handle technological consultations such as surface treatment development, trial manufacturing advice, and fault analysis and cause investigation. We design and manufacture treatment equipment, supply treatment agents, and provide production management services. Our aim is to supply total engineering services for aluminum surface treatment. We will strengthen our overseas market expansion in Europe, China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

Mitsufuku Kougyou Co., Ltd. (Tochigi Prefecture)

Our fluororubber foam was adopted for the International Space Station.

Our mainline business is to manufacture and sell olefin and fluororubber foam. Our advantage is our integrated production system that covers from mixing design to press foaming and slicing. Our fluororubber open-cell foam was adopted for cushioning in extravehicular experimental equipment for the International Space Station (ISS). We also apply the kneading technology we have been accumulating for many years to manufacture general-purpose resins and fluororubber and fluororesin compounds as raw materials. These are used for products from household goods to home electronics appliances, OA equipment, and automobile parts. Currently our company actively participates in trade fairs and exhibitions to acquire new customers.

Udaka Engineering Co., Ltd. (Ehime Prefecture)

We are converting from made-to-order production of paper and film processors to being a sales-type manufacturer.

We develop and manufacture various industrial machines such as paper and film processing machines as well as automatic machines. We can apply the technology we have been accumulating for many years to provide integrated management from planning and design to electrical control and test runs. We can complete manufacturing of the control portion in our company and we can satisfy detailed requests, which is why we are highly evaluated by our customers. We offer original products such as an overprinting machine and a spiral-conveyance vertical conveyer in addition to made-to-order equipment. We have also developed overseas business bases (in China and Indonesia) with the goal of further business expansion.

Tamaki Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa Prefecture)

We design and manufacture blenders that handle a wide range of materials.

Our company manufactures and sells automatic blenders, such as weighing and mixing machines for powdery and granular objects (pellets, powders) and pigments (dry colors, master batches, and other additives). These blenders can be designed and manufactured according to your needs to handle various materials. We have manufactured many blenders for lightweight, difficult-to-mix powders, and our products can be modified quickly to enhance accuracy. Many of our blenders are durable enough to function even after more than 20 years. We also manufacture and sell hand sealers for bags and wrapping.

Hirano Fastech Co., Ltd. (Tokushima Prefecture)

Our products include hexagon bolts (manufacturing and sales), and cold forging products (secondary goods).

Our main business is hexagon bolt (maximum 200 mm) production and sales. These products are used for civil engineering and construction purposes (such as large bridges and guardrails). Recently our company started to comprehensively handle made-to-order secondary products (manufacturing and sales), which involves cold forging and machining. We have internalized design and production of necessary dies, jigs, and tools to focus on developing new technology. We have had an increasing number of orders for plant equipment and machine tool parts, and we are required to manufacture high-precision products. We will help reduce lead time and cost by replacing machined shaft parts and collar parts with our forged parts (or partially machined parts).

Gakkai Housou Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

We offer an on-demand video distribution service specialized in academic meetings and seminars held by medical societies.

Our company centrally stores hundreds of thousands of lectures posted by medical societies. We distribute them on demand to 5.5 million doctors and other medical professionals as lifetime education content. This service is intended to provide a learning environment where medical professionals can learn anytime, anywhere. There are over 1,500 medical societies (research groups) in Japan, and they are the sole authorized source of lifetime education for medical professionals. Their thousands of lectures can be categorized into many fields, from general medicine to various medical specializations. We developed an automatic, unattended recording unit, and we have been able to distribute a great quantity of lectures.

UAO Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

We propose an earthquake-proofing method with the addition of a mass damper.

Our company is a first-class architect office, and we mainly conduct work related to public works, corporate development projects, and other needs from individuals. Recently we have been proposing an original earthquake-proofing method for old buildings. This earthquake-proofing method uses the addition of a mass damper to control vibration, and allows the user to recover the retrofitting cost from new revenue. This method involves adding a new structure on the top story of an old building, with a seismic isolator inserted between them. The added structure itself becomes a mass damper, and absorbs and offsets tremors when an earthquake strikes. The existing upper stories are reduced, and turned into a two-story structure of light-gauge steel. The weight of building is unchanged, so there is no need to reinforce the foundation.

Nonaka Wood Products Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

We apply our know-how about wooden fire doors to wooden sash development.

We design, manufacture, and sell wooden entrance doors and indoor fittings for housing. We deliver our products mainly to major housing manufacturers for new house construction. Our wooden entrance doors have heat-insulating and airtightness performance and contribute to energy saving in the home. Our wooden fire doors were developed by our predecessor Nonaka Co., Ltd., and have been adopted by many distinguished hotels for their guest rooms. Their quality and safety are highly appreciated, including post-sales maintenance services. We have started to develop wooden sashes by making use of the know-how we have cultivated regarding wooden fittings. We also plan to advance into the field of exterior sashes for housing.

Araki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Aichi Prefecture)

We provide machining even for half-divided shapes and difficult-to-machine materials.

Our company offers machining, cutting, and milling services. We excel the most at processing copper alloys, but we also handle other metals such as iron, castings, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium alloys. Our past machining projects include auto parts, construction machinery parts, and various other machine parts that were manufactured as prototypes (a few pieces) or by mass production (several thousand). Our strong point is that we can process difficult shapes such as half-divided shapes, and difficult-to-machine materials, such as copper alloys and titanium alloys. We handle single-piece and small-lot production involving various shapes, using self-designed and self-built jigs and tools. We recently introduced a new rotary grinder to provide grinding services in addition to machining.

Shintou Coating Co., Ltd. (Aichi Prefecture)

Our company coats products with thick film that features excellent weather resistance.

Our mainline business is to coat outdoor fences, shopping carts, and washing baskets with powder resin by fluidized bed coating for long-lasting durability. Fluidized bed coating is a process in which a powder resin coating material is deposited on a heated product. It melts from the inside, and its surface then becomes molten to secure it. We can form coatings as thick as 0.3 to 0.6 mm and provide products with excellent weather resistance, flexibility, and temperature resistance. Our products also feature environmental friendliness because organic solvents are not used. We have an integrated production system including large conveyors and thermal treatment equipment, and we can coat areas as large as up to 200 × 200 × 700 cm.

Crested Corporation (Tokyo)

We manufacture and sell an electron beam lithography system, and offer contract manufacturing services.

Our main business is electron beam lithography system manufacturing and sales, and we also offer contract manufacturing services. We provide our system to universities and corporate research institutions as a fine pattern creation system for their development projects. We also provide our system to communications device manufacturers as production equipment for semiconductor laser elements. Our electron beam lithography system is equipped with an electron gun with a maximum acceleration voltage of 130 kV to realize ultra-high resolution. The system can be used for R&D purposes to manufacture advanced devices with a line width of less than 7 nm. It can also be used for production purposes to periodically control analysis grids with a position resolution of 0.001 nm. This realizes high-yield production as a multiple-wavelength semiconductor laser for wavelength division multiplexing.

Tokyo Cartographic Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

Our company uses drone photography and 3D laminate molding to create precision terrain models.

We provide one-stop services from aerial photography using a UAV (drone) to 3D terrain modeling, terrain model output using a 3D printer, and projection mapping on the model. Our 3D printer can create difficult terrain models by lamination at a minimum pitch of 14 micrometers. We propose our products as items to assist in making decisions about land development and promoting the effects of development. We also propose them as presentation tools in the disaster prevention field for easy visual understanding in briefings for residents. Our company manufactures terrain models with a commitment to applying our map preparation technology to express the terrain.

Nihon Pulse Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

We develop gate drivers for SiC power modules.

We are a manufacturer of insulation devices for high-voltage circuits in infrastructure equipment such as rolling stock, electric power equipment, and energy equipment. We handle pulse transformers, isolation amplifiers, voltage detectors (DCPT), gate drivers, and so on. We developed and quickly commercialized a gate driver for SiC-FET power modules, which are specifically attracting attention as next-generation devices. This was done in joint work with Rohm. The adoption of SiC-FET is further advancing in the field of power conditioners for solar power generation. It is being introduced in order to realize lower loss.

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Adphox Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

We manufacture and sell corona discharge testing machines, binaural microphones, and so on.

We research and develop, manufacture, and sell corona discharge testing machines (partial discharge test machines), sound collectors (hearing aids), and binaural microphones. Corona discharge becomes a problem when controlling voltages of 300 V or above using an inverter, because it may cause a discharge that results in an insulation breakdown. Our corona discharge testing machine can electrically detect this discharge phenomenon by making use of a high-efficiency power supply and detector we have originally developed. Our binaural microphone can record sound exactly as we hear it. It has smooth characteristics from the lower frequency range to wide-spectrum sound, so it is utilized by professionals because of its excellent sound quality.

Tokushu Mekki Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

We pursue next-generation environmentally friendly plating that is easy on the human body.

We offer electroplating services with a focus on precision parts, electronic parts, connectors, and so on. Our TMX/CSZ (alloy plating with copper, tin, and zinc) is non-magnetic and has excellent corrosion resistance. Recycling is possible with certain materials without having to apply any processing. This is regarded as being useful nickel-free plating, and it is utilized as measure in response to RoHS and as a substitute for nickel. The decorative features of this plating have been attracting attention. It can be used as a countermeasure against nickel allergies and features antibacterial effects. We can also handle trial manufacturing, small-lot plating, and quick deliveries.

Sanei denki Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Our company provides customers with optimal automatic control devices.

Our company holds meetings with customers and conducts on-site investigations, and designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains optimal automatic control panels under an integrated in-house production system. This is how we can provide high-quality products at low prices and with short turnarounds. We manufacture new products, and alter or repair existing equipment. We can also handle control panels manufactured by other companies. We do everything related to control panels. We will establish a system capable of satisfying customer needs in terms of both quality and quantity to cultivate sales channels. We will enrich our equipment to satisfy large-volume to low-volume production orders with factory expansion and construction in mind.

PT.Mitra Kokusai Indonesia / Representative office in Japan (Fukuoka Prefecture)

We offer consulting exclusively for construction projects in Indonesia.

We are a consulting company specialized in design, engineering, and development of construction projects in Indonesia. We participate in projects related to manufacturing, science, and technology, which are fields in which Japanese companies excel. We act as a project director to provide optimal support in the field for international projects. We assign facility design, sourcing (bidding, orders), construction management, and facility maintenance work separately to dedicated local service providers from the perspective of local partners for the project owner company. We also provide technical support for their projects, such as food plant construction projects and housing manufacturer’s projects.

Saffron Co., Ltd. (Aichi Prefecture)

Our company has a proven track record of developing and manufacturing photoset products and we do business with a US company.

We are an R&D company. We develop and manufacture light-curing photosensitive resin products, and even handle small volumes at the request of our customers. Our products are used for a wide variety of items from industrial products supporting cutting-edge technology to products that make life safer and more convenient. These include daily necessities, hobby goods, crafts, and artworks, as well as cosmetics pursuing beauty. We provide total handling from development to design with care that is difficult for large companies. We provide many users with various products featuring high added value. We have a track record of doing business with the U.S. company Becreation.

Aiko System Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

We provide automated assembly equipment and inspection equipment for industries including automobile parts and medical treatment equipment.

We manufacture and sell automated assembly equipment, inspection equipment, conveying equipment, loaders and unloaders, and so on. We support a wide range of industries from semiconductors, medical treatment sites, and assembly lines to drying furnaces. Our main product is the AICOS system for easy NC. AICOS easily and flexibly provides low-cost numerical control operation of existing equipment controlled by programmable logic controllers. We have also prepared products such as in-line inspection equipment, image processing systems, optical systems, excimer lamps, and IPF power supplies. We have a track record of deliveries to China and Thailand through our clients in Japan.

Osachi Co., Ltd. (Nagano Prefecture)

Our company developed an arteriosclerosis measurement device following our pain measuring device.

Our business is to research, develop, manufacture, and sell medical devices. We have developed blood pressure gauges and various other medical devices. We started to develop an arteriosclerosis measuring device in 1993 and commercialized it in 1997. We successfully developed and commercialized a device for the quantitative analysis of perception and pain sensations, and acquired a patent. This is the world's first pain measuring device capable of quantifying pain, which can only be expressed as a sensation. Our other main products include two types of blood pressure gauges. One type has a hemodynamic display function to support lifestyle disease treatment. The other type has an arteriosclerosis measuring function using a cuff for arteriosclerosis measurement. Our company was selected as one of the 128 SMEs of Successful Industry-University-Government Collaboration in August 2008.

Yanagisawa Co., Ltd. (Saitama Prefecture)

We provide machining services for difficult-to-machine parts for industrial machinery.

We are a machining manufacturer that has processed stainless steel, iron, and other metal parts since our establishment, and we celebrate our 80th anniversary in 2018. Our company mostly provides machining of difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium, Inconel, and Hastelloy with NC lathe equipment, and we manufacture articles from HRC 40 (Rockwell hardness) thermal refined steel. Our processed parts are used in passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, construction machinery, tractors, and other industrial machinery. Our injector parts are used as fuel injection equipment in trucks and power shovels. We started production in Thailand in 2012.

Kashima Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka Prefecture)

We plan to set up operation in Myanmar in the construction field using our steel molding forms.

We manufacture steel molding forms, which are temporary construction materials used before pouring concrete. There are only five steel molding form manufacturers in Kyushu. Our company has played an important role in the construction field in the Kyushu region. This includes design and manufacturing of molding forms for beams, pillars, verandas, bridge girders, and floors for hotels such as Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk. We have also provided such materials for high-rise condominiums such as Island Tower Sky Club. We were responsible for design and manufacturing of steel molding frames for precast concrete in the construction of Fukuoka City’s floating structure for offshore wind power generation in 2011. Our company’s general-purpose form was approved under the support program for SME manufacturers’ prototype development in 2012. We are currently planning to expand in Southeast Asia, and especially in Myanmar.

Senbi Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

We provide unique fixtures for stores such as shelves for preventing theft.

We design, manufacture, and sell fixtures for stores. We pursue displays that make the merchandise beautiful. We manufacture products using compound materials such as aluminum, glass, acrylic fiber, and wood. We propose shelves with built-in LED lights, shelves for preventing theft, and other shelves and lights with unique characteristics. Our products are now installed in cosmetics areas of drugstores located mainly in the Metropolitan Tokyo area. We will develop our business throughout Japan. We will create fixtures using new materials that substitute for aluminum and glass, and develop products for other retail industries such as the apparel industry.

Inter Wave Co., Ltd. (Kangoshima Prefecture)

We provide seminars and online mail-order services regarding IT devices and safety devices targeting the construction industry.

We have four main lines of business. We are an electronic delivery agent for the construction industry, and we offer CPDS seminars (in person and online). We provide in-house training, and we have a mail-order business for system devices dedicated to construction sites. We were able to create a large database that includes data on 20,000 workers while providing seminars, training, and outsourcing services in construction, and especially in the civil engineering field. We plan to apply this strength to create a method for selling surveillance cameras, time-lapse cameras, and vests with embedded fans (heatstroke prevention) online. Our goal is to promote IT and safety for all engineers working at construction sites throughout Japan.

Create Home Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Our company manufactures functional paints that reduce room odors and harmful substances.

We started our corporate history as a civil engineering company in 1974, and later changed our business to private wooden house construction. We applied our experience in constructing medical facilities to dispensing pharmacy construction, and we expanded our business to all-you-can-eat buffets and residential-type nursing homes for the elderly. We are now promoting our business of developing our Raku-eco Wall functional paint, which can remove formaldehyde and reduce room odors and harmful substances. This product has the effect of reducing odors in ordinary homes and also in automobiles. We will cultivate sales channels for our products in the automobile and electric industries.

U-TEC Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka Prefecture)

We are looking for business partners for applications of our harmful waste gas reduction devices.

Our company was established in 1999 and incorporated in 2007. We are a fabless company. We conduct joint R&D with various research institutions and consign manufacturing mainly to our local partner companies in Kitakyushu City. We specialize in development for the environment and living sector as well as for agriculture and health applications. We have developed and commercialized the Gultima harmful exhaust gas and fuel reduction device, and the Acla LED thermotherapeutic device in these fields. Gultima was adopted by Okumura Corporation for their subway construction work in Taiwan, and Okumura Corporation received an award from Taipei City. We are looking for business tie-ups involving this device in a wide range of business categories

Oda Tatami Shoukai Co., Ltd. (Kangoshima Prefecture)

We manufacture our patented washable tatami floor mats on a made-to-order basis.

We have been manufacturing and selling tatami floor mats since our foundation. We manufacture both ordinary traditional tatami floor mats and our patented washable tatami mats under the brand name Senjo on a made-to-order basis. Our washable tatami mats have the potential to be used as a new building material as well as their use as tatami floor mats with conventional functionality. Our Senjo products can be used for outdoor spaces and kitchen and bathroom applications where it has not been possible to use conventional tatami mats. They can be used at any location in a building or home. We have a track record of deliveries to bathing facilities such as hot springs, as well as hospitals, nursing facilities, pet facilities, and so on. We hope to expand sales by increasing our product lineup that supports nursing insurance.

Trance Boot Co., Ltd. (Shiga Prefecture)

We are a HEMS business startup born from Ryukoku University.

Our company was established as a startup in Ryukoku University in 2009. We mainly focus on designing and developing built-in equipment, from trial manufacturing to mass production. Our main product is the Smart Alice home energy management system (HEMS). We will also develop a product for condominium use. We are all taking on the challenge of being a company capable of contributing to society through Monozukuri craftsmanship. Our advantages include creative power unbound by conventional thinking, research power based on industry-university collaboration, and development power covering from planning to mass production.

Ogino Seikou Co., Ltd. (Kyoto Prefecture)

Our company has an integrated production system for machine tools and various labor-saving equipment from design to adjustment.

Our company makes use of MC equipment, general-purpose machines, and EDM processing to manufacture products with difficult shapes at short turnarounds. We can reliably satisfy production and delivery date requirements under our unique production management system. We ensure punctual deliveries of high-quality products with thorough final process inspection and secure traceability under centralized management based on scanner registration of all drawings. Our company also features an integrated production system from design to assembly and adjustment, including machine tools and electric control for labor-saving equipment. We want to advance into the medical, environmental, and other fields. This will be done by making use of our ultra-precision stainless steel machining technology, as well as our integrated production technology covering from design to assembly and adjustment.

Azuma Co., Ltd. (Nara Prefecture)

We assist with system development by incorporating both hardware and software technologies.

Our company has a long history in contract development and prototype making for major electric appliance manufacturers. This is why we have a broad range of experience with embedded system development (hardware and software). We have an established framework for quickly developing and manufacturing embedded systems and printed circuit boards, with 20 system developers and 15 printed circuit board designers. We can make proposals any way you want, whether it involves planning, development, manufacturing, or outsourcing. We plan to commercialize our technology and expand our business where we can help develop embedded systems with finished products and modules.

Shiono Foundry Co., Ltd. (Kyoto Prefecture)

We are an expert in manufacturing pump parts by casting.

Our company manufactures water pipes, elevator parts, machine parts, and other parts by casting. We can accept orders for high-mix low-volume production to production up to 200 frames a month. Four modeling processes are automated for continuous processing from sand removal, demolding, and facing to covering. Another reason why our production efficiency is high is because we can complete molds with minimum conveyance without any loss, so we can handle up to 100 modeling frames a day. We also accept a wide range of single-piece orders for trial products and spot orders. We manage processes from modeling to casting, finishing, and shipping under a unique system.