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Published companies on 04/07/2017

Kansai Catalyst Co., Ltd. (Osaka Prefecture)

Our company has a track record of sales of electrode materials and metal compounds to major companies in Japan and abroad.

We are a chemicals manufacturer established in 1957. Our company mainly manufactures and sells electrode materials and metal compounds, including positive electrode materials for rechargeable batteries and electrode materials for MLCCs. We have been doing business with Sanyo Electric, FDK, and Nippon Shokubai for over 20 years and have established relationships of trust with them. We have indirectly supplied products overseas to Samsung SDI, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and BASF. We have confidence in our technology power, and we have been supplying positive electrode materials for over 50 years since the initial stage of rechargeable batteries. We have been accumulating knowledge and experience regarding material development and manufacturing technologies to satisfy a great variety of needs and increase our business volume.

ICS Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Processes ranging from vacuum heat treatment, brazing and dry coating to thermal spraying

We heat treat and surface treat consigned metal products, parts and raw materials for various fields including automobiles, two-wheeled vehicles, aerospace, medical treatment, industrial equipment, living ware, and energy. We implement vacuum/atmosphere heat treatment, and excel at quenching, tempering, various kinds of annealing (solid solution, straightening, and magnetism) and precipitation hardening heat treatment, etc. We also carry out bonding using techniques such as brazing and diffusion bonding and we have the facilities appropriate for said treatments. We carry out dry coating with diamond-like carbon (DLC) etc., and thermal spraying for surface treatments.

(Gunma Prefecture)

We contribute to improving the accuracy and quality of resin products with gas-assisted molding.

Our company manufactures products by plastic injection molding, pneumatic forming, secondary processing, and assembly. We possess gas-assisted molding technology that makes a great contribution to improving molded product quality. Our products are used in a wide range of fields from automobiles and precision equipment to home electronics appliances and amusement equipment. We make use of the characteristics of gas injection to successfully suppress shrinkage and warpage, improve dimensional accuracy, reduce weight, downscale molding, and shorten the molding cycle. We also develop in-house products. We introduced a vent-type injection molding machine in a joint development project with a machine manufacturer. Our company was selected for Gunma Prefecture One Company, One Technology certification in 2001.

(Fukuoka Prefecture)

We offer integrated production of FC and FCD pig iron products by casting, coating, and processing.

Our company was established as an integrated factory for manufacturing products by casting and machining. We have been expanding our business to include manufacturing large, advanced pig iron castings, such as ductile cast iron, heat-resistant and abrasion-resistant cast iron, and tough cast iron. We have also been engaged in lost-wax precision casting of small parts since 1983. We specialize in high-mix, low-volume production by hand molding using self-hardening molds. Our products are mainly for industrial machines in the fields of ironmaking, shipbuilding, power generation, and machine tools, but we can handle a wide range of other production fields. We are a leading manufacturer in the Kyushu region, and we are capable of manufacturing cast products as large as the 20-ton class. We maintain stable levels in trial manufacturing to mass production, quality, and delivery.

Published companies on 03/31/2017

Hanabusa Giken Co., Ltd. (Gunma Prefecture)

Manufacture of medical machines and instruments and fingerprint authentication equipment

We have a 50% share (including OEM) of the market for stainless-steel handwashing apparatus installed in operating rooms, and aim to increase the share to 80% by making the manufacturing processes more efficient. Small and medium-sized companies of various industries jointly developed fingerprint authentication equipment. The fingerprint authentication system is based on the concept of “appropriate security” and “easy to use.” This is a convenient product combined with a fast-acting electric lock. We have also commercialized various storage cabinets. Regarding the fingerprint authentication system, there are no similar products in the world, so any situation where locks are used on products is a potential market.

Tomuko Co., Ltd. (Gunma Prefecture)

Group of specialists in machining with machining centers and NC lathes

As a group of machining specialists, we are always seeking unrivaled part machining with sophisticated machining facilities and measuring equipment in the pursuit of new technology. We carry out complicated machining with high accuracy and quick turnaround by using cutting-edge 5-axis machining centers and NC lathes. When developing engines for car races, we focused on thinness, strength, and quality during part machining. We also machine parts made of hard brittle materials and having complicated shapes. In the aerospace field, we meet user requirements even for compressor parts requiring micron-order accuracy.

VIC International Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

Acquired a patent for a “vibration-proof damper” utilizing our vacuum and vibration control technologies.

In 1997 we started designing, manufacturing and selling vacuum apparatus and high-performance vibration isolators. We then expanded to accelerators, beam lines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and devices for precise positioning, which we supply to numerous public research institutions and the laboratories of universities and corporations. In recent years, we acquired a patent for a vibration-proof damper and developed products that do not transfer vibration from the floor or vacuum pump to the stage. We have an office in Incheon, Korea and are qualified to participate in bidding for Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH). We have been actively working on expanding our business overseas.

Crystal Optics Inc. (Shiga Prefecture)

We conduct super-precision machining based on our integrated production system. We can also apply super-precision coatings.

Our company focuses on five main business fields (cutting, grinding, polishing, super-precision processing, and measurement) with super-precision being the key. We started our machining business in 1985, working out of a garage. Now we handle super-large components of up to 8,000 mm. One of our main strengths is our “die coater” system that realizes uneven coating. We can apply high-precision coating with a deviation of 2% to 5% of the coating film, which is the most important part of thin liquid crystal or film production technology. When customers show us their drawings, we listen carefully to what they have in mind and then we turn their idea into reality.

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Asahi Industry Corp. (Tokyo)

Meeting various customer needs for precise sheet metal processing and press processing

We offer manufacturing and assembling for precise sheet metals and press products. For stainless sheet metal, we can handle the entire process including surface treatment. Having accumulated various know-how and experience since our foundation in 1947, we keep expanding our business to provide solutions meeting customers’ needs, including such treatments as Teflon lining, piling, buffing and hairline finishing. Another advantage is that we have a network of about 200 partner corporations. We have numerous customers in Japan including Fujifilm Corporation, Ebara Corporation and JEOL Ltd.

P and A Technologies Co., Ltd. (Iwate Prefecture)

We develop measurement and control equipment using microcomputers, such as vehicle development tools.

We develop, manufacture, and sell computer-related products. We have particular advantages in custom-order development of measurement and control equipment using microcomputers. We now focus on developing tools used by developers of vehicles such as automobiles. We conduct in-house development of communications simulator monitors with a focus on the ISO-defined CAN and LIN communications standards. We have a good balance of hardware and software staff members, so we have a system that enables integrated in-house development. Another advantage of our company is that we can develop customized equipment for each customer at a low price.

Takemoto Denki Co., Ltd. (Osaka Prefecture)

We have advantages in measurement technology, and we have also entered the markets for infrastructure and nursing equipment.

We have advantages in sensing technology. We are expanding our business from manufacturing electric power measuring instruments to gauge systems for industrial use, gauge systems for freshly mixed concrete, and so on. We have confidence in energy monitoring, weak signal sensing technology, and power line communications. We have turned “measurement” into a corporate brand. Our company’s three major business categories are measurement of various articles, support for important infrastructure for human life and industry, and creation of new business in anticipation of future needs. We recently expanded our business to the nursing care field. We developed a bed-leaving and wandering detection system that makes use of ultrasonic waves. Our systems have been introduced at nursing facilities and hospitals.

Sugiyama Co., Ltd. (Shizuoka Prefecture)

We are a dedicated chip saw manufacturer operating both in Japan and overseas.

Our company specializes in chip saw production and sales. These articles are used as blades for circular saws in the lumber industry. Our products are delivered to lumber manufacturers and major housing manufacturers as well as to aluminum wheel manufacturers in Japan. Overseas sales account for 30% of our total sales, and we expect this to increase to a certain extent in the future. We have a chip saw lineup that is sufficient to satisfy various customer needs in a timely manner. This includes chip saws for lumber, non-ferrous metals, and resins, as well as diamond saws and electric tools. Our product design efforts for various specifications and applications, machining conditions, and processing methods have helped to fuel our growth.

Makino Seikou Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

We offer precision metal part micromachining and fine drilling (which can be as narrow as a fine hair).

Our company specializes in machining various metal parts, such as brass, iron, stainless steel, titanium and molybdenum, as well as resins. Our services are based on the extensive knowledge and know-how we have gained from over 50 years of machining operations as well as by the teamwork of our craftsmen. We handle resins including polypropylene, Duracon, Teflon, and vinyl chloride. Small diameters and ultra-fine machining are our strong points. Works are finished within the tolerance range, even in severe conditions with small components less than 1 mm. The smallest parts we have processed to date were 0.6 mm. We have also succeeded in drilling 0.07-mm narrow holes.

SPF Co., Ltd. (Aichi Prefecture)

We contribute to society by providing special highly corrosion-resistant devices for the chemical industry.

We manufacture and sell devices with corrosion resistant metals such as titanium, zirconium, niobium, and tantalum as the main materials. These products are intended for the chemical industry, and surface treatment (plating and so on) We promoted Japan’s first titanium anode baskets, and we have popularized revolutionary underwater bus bars. Our (patented) Sun-Z-R dissimilar metal bonding technology offers various advantages including a quick finish, low cost, and excellent flexibility regarding materials. It has earned a high reputation worldwide for its durability against mechanical shock and aging. We can handle made-to-order production in small lots, and suggest solutions for reducing total costs and maintenance workloads.

Tottori Kinzoku Netsusyori Cooperative Partnerships (Tottori Prefecture)

We are spreading our heat treatment technology throughout Japan from Yonago City to give life to iron.

We are a metal heat treatment organization consisting of 60 member companies in Tottori Prefecture. We make use of various heat treatment furnaces to conduct heat treatment such as quenching for articles supplied by metalworking companies in Tottori Prefecture and elsewhere. We cover the whole heat treatment field including vacuum, carbonization, high-frequency, and nitridation treatment, and incorporating original technology such as carbonized and nitrided quenching processing that prevents cracks during welding. Our advantages include trial manufacturing and small lot processing. Our goal is to achieve the world’s top level of heat treatment quality by applying our own management system. This includes acquiring ISO certification, developing human resources, and making use of IT. We hope to make optimal proposals on heat treatment technology in order to realize competitive quality, cost, and quick delivery.

Suzuki Spring Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Shizuoka Prefecture)

We offer small, lightweight, and durable customized springs for individual needs.

Our main business is spring production. Our springs are customized and adjusted to meet today’s increasingly diverse needs, and our products can be extremely small, lightweight, stable, and durable. They are supplied to various industries, including looms and agricultural equipment, two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles, and electric appliances. Our products go through various strict quality assurance inspections including fatigue tests during production. We constantly produce 3,000 items. This production is controlled by well-prepared systems that allow all our employees to share information in real time using voice mail, and promptly respond to customer needs. Our plants have obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

E-Lambdanet Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa Prefecture)

We design customized optical networks to enrich the information society.

Our main business is optical network device manufacturing. We particularly excel in projects to replace optical transmission device and TV cables with optical fiber and POF, and spatial optical communications systems. We currently design, manufacture, and sell customized devices and network systems required under a continuing industry-government-university collaboration project. The goal is to support technological innovation with the theme of developing optical label switch routers and related devices. Our ONIB optical interface boxes are used in university-based research aiming at new applications in remote medicine, 3D HDV communications, and compact broadcast terminals.

Katsura Seimutsu Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

We offer flexible micro precision machining and press working manufacturing to keep up with the changing times.

Our company applies micro-precision sheet metal working and press working to manufacture a great variety of products in small lots. We can handle processing from mold design, production, and trial manufacturing to mass production. We possess micro-hole drilling machines, digital microscopes, and image measuring devices for precision measurements, and we attach inspection sheets when we deliver products. We have established a production management system and a quality assurance system suitable for medical equipment manufacturing. We collaborate with partners in different industrial categories on quotations including resin molding, metal cutting, appearance processing, rubber molding, casting, and PC board creation and also propose manufacturing and assembly.

Toyo Label Co., Ltd. (Kyoto Prefecture)

We are an electronic device and inspection equipment manufacturer with a broad array of sophisticated technological capabilities.

We are a manufacturer of unique measuring and control devices that cannot be found on the market. Our product development projects are intended for a wide range of fields, from academic to industrial. This includes equatorial-mount astronomical telescopes, cancer radiotherapy equipment, and inspection equipment that assists in the search for the Higgs boson. We possess an extensive array of technologies, including electronic circuit design, image processing cameras, FPGA programs, microcomputer programs, XP embedded architecture, Windows driver software design, and PC application software design. We can provide solutions to any problems arising from electronic product development. Our applied FPGA technology is in a leading position in its field.

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Takafune Kougyou Co., Ltd. (Aichi Prefecture)

Our main lines of business are auto part production and sheet metal working.

Our main business is auto part production and sheet metal working, and our company also manufactures and sells construction materials and safety equipment. Our auto parts are delivered to Aisin Seiki, and we provide sheet metal working services to Tadano and LIXIL. Our construction materials and safety equipment are used by Shimizu and other construction companies. These products are entirely manufactured in-house, from prototypes to mass production. We possess extensive know-how and experience regarding auto parts and sheet metal working, which we have gained from our many years of operations since our establishment in 1953. This has fueled our growth, and enables us to supply sheet metal products with various shapes in a short period with optimal solutions for customer needs.

(Toyama Prefecture)

We manufacture parts by making use of skilled techniques and high-precision machining tools.

We are a manufacturer of machine and die parts that are intended for automobile equipment, food processing equipment, machining tools, dedicated machines, and industrial machinery. Our customers include major Japanese companies such as YKK, Komatsu NTC, Nachi-Fujikoshi, and Sugino Machine. Our products are also exported to the US. Our strong point is our combination of the skilled techniques of our expert engineers and the 10-µm precision of our machining tools. This helps us to satisfy various customer needs. We are currently working with supporting institutions to prepare for possible accelerated overseas expansion.

Takata Seimitsu Kougyou Co., Ltd. (Toyama Prefecture)

We provide machining services for high-hardness materials and difficult-to-machine materials starting from single articles.

We are a metal product manufacturer established in 1984. Our company manufactures and sells high-precision machines and die parts for automobile and electronic part manufacturing equipment, labor-saving machines, and medical equipment. Our products are delivered to various customers including Nachi-Fujikoshi and YKK. We satisfy needs for single articles, and we respond to requests for high-mix production and short lead times. High-precision machining of irregularly shaped works on a µm-level scale has also helped to grow our business.

Shouwa Seiki Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa Prefecture)

We offer micro hole drilling in titanium for the medical field.

We are a precision device manufacturer established in 1970. Our company develops and manufactures medical equipment, analyzers, endoscope parts, hypodermic needles, and implants. We have many customers in the domestic Japanese market including Hitachi Aloka Medical, Olympus Medical Systems, Kao, Arusu Denshi, and Nakamura Mfg. We have established an integrated production system for managing all processes from development and design to machining and assembly. This allows us to satisfy a wide range of customer needs in-house, whether for a single prototype or mass-produced items. We excel at fine hole drilling in titanium, and have succeeded in boring 0.7-mm holes with a depth of 30 mm.

YAEGAKI Bio-industry, Inc. (Hyogo Prefecture)

Our lines of business were developed by applying fermentation technologies gained from sake brewing.

We are a manufacturer and distributor of functional foods and food dyes with a main focus on the health food industry. Our company was established in 1979. We have applied insights and experience on fermentation acquired from sake brewing as an R&D department of a sake and spirits group that dates back to 1666. We made use of this background to develop Monascus pigments and other naturally derived food dyes. The scope of our business has since expanded even more to include functional food ingredients and fermented seasonings, and our business has grown. We do business with food-related companies in Japan and abroad. We plan to enter non-food fields as well as overseas markets.

Nihon System Design Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido)

We provide control systems for iron and steel manufacturers, and our strength is in our knowledge of the manufacturing floor.

Our company has provided design, development, and maintenance services mainly for local iron and steel manufacturers regarding their control information systems. We also develop information systems for retailers and medical institutions to support Monozukuri craftsmanship and services with information systems. Knowledge of the manufacturing floor is our strength. This allows us to evaluate properties of machines and measuring instruments during trial runs, and perform optimal tuning before production. Our job does not end with customization. We get involved on-site and support the manufacturing floor as after-sale service until the product becomes fully functional.

Yamamoto Seisakusho, Inc. (Saitama Prefecture)

Our fine blanked components are used by the Big Three US automobile manufacturers.

We are an auto parts manufacturer specialized in fine blanking. Fine blanked auto parts are important for car safety and reliability. Our production accounts for a large part of domestic Japanese fine blanked auto part production. We entered the US market based on this technology and our track record, and saw our products adopted by the Big Three automobile manufacturers, including General Motors. It is characteristic of this manufacturing method that a smooth surface can be obtained without machining. Our original technologies in this field include precision blanking technology for thick plates and blanking technology between the outline and the holes at extremely small intervals. We provide our customers with recommendations regarding an optimal manufacturing method, even from the design phase of a component. Our company has been selected as one of the 300 of Japan’s Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs (by the SME Agency).

YP System Co., Ltd. (Saitama Prefecture)

We are developing the ever-growing field of surface treatment technology. We have also developed a special line of products for disaster protection.

We make proposals for the use of next-generation surface treatment technology. We take advantage of our experience in surface treatment technology to manufacture and sell the trademarked Sho-bo series of disaster protection products. We are working on enhancing our technology and removing pollution in surface treatment, of which plating is a representative example. We developed fully automatic compound plating equipment which we operate in our factory as a countermeasure to reduce waste fluid. Our R&D department conducts joint research with various universities and enterprises on developing next-generation surface treatment. We have an extensive track record including studies on the defects of electrolysis plating, and developing a super-critical plating method. We also supply CBC and color CB.

Kaneko MediX, Inc. (Tochigi Prefecture)

We focus on manufacturing special hypodermic needles for medical use. We offer flexible support for delivery times and various lot sizes.

We focus on manufacturing special hypodermic needles for medical use. We directly and indirectly deliver our products to domestic Japanese and overseas manufacturers of medical equipment and medicine. We can handle orders with lot sizes from several hundred to several million units. We can manufacture about 60 million units of about 500 types of needles per month by conducting flexible work progress management. We provide support from material purchasing to delivery with a lead time of 30 to 45 days. We can handle requests with a lead time of 30 days in the case of repeat transactions. We apply the needle manufacturing know-how we have been accumulating for more than 50 years to make less painful needles. We have pursued additional processing that enables safety functions. Hypodermic needles directly come in contact with blood, so continuing safety, cleanliness, and penetration quality are highly valued at medical treatment sites.

Seibu Environmental Research Co., Ltd. (Nagasaki Prefecture)

Our environmental measurement certification business division consists of three departments: sea research, land research, and analysis.

Environmental measurement certification is our main business. This business division is composed of departments for land research, sea research, and analysis so we can operate in a wide range of environmental fields. Both the land and sea research departments possess a wide range of specialized equipment. They also have staff with expert knowledge in the physical environment, biology, and chemistry fields to conduct investigation, analysis, and evaluation from various points of view. Our specialized staff recommend optimal research, measurement, and analysis methods based on the purpose of a request. They provide high-quality deliverables by making use of various kinds of equipment. This includes meteorological observation devices, air measurement vehicles, noise and vibration measurement devices, multi-parameter water quality meters, automatic water sampling devices, oceanographic research vessels, and aerial photography systems.

FE Co, Ltd. (Hokkaido)

We offer vegetable washers and sorters to satisfy farmers’ needs and reduce their workload.

We developed a Japanese radish washer based on the needs of farmers in Japanese radish production areas after improving it many times. Our product has not been imitated for over a decade. We have also helped reduce the burden of farm work, and added high value to produce by developing washers, sorters, and peelers for Chinese yam, carrot, and other root vegetables. We focus on training young employees who can support maintenance and software development, because these areas can be critical when attracting manufacturers to help develop the local economy. Our washer for Japanese radish with the leaves attached was launched more than ten years ago. The fact that there are no copycat products on the market after all this time proves that it is a unique technology in itself.

Fine Parts Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa Prefecture)

We offer made-to-order contact probes that are finer than hair.

Our company is a precision metal spring manufacturer and distributer. We manufacture springs on a made-to-order basis, with a focus on articles used in contact probes, ballpoint pen tips, and connectors. We specialize in making small springs with an outer diameter of 1.0 mm or less. Our smallest spring to date has an outer diameter of 0.06 mm. Our contact probe springs are widely used in the domestic Japanese market. Transactions are also increasing in other countries, and especially in Taiwan, which is known as a global production center for semiconductors. We created a unique wire working method with a multi-function coiling machine (for products like ballpoint pen tip springs). We received the Excellence Award at the 7th Japan Innovator’s Award 2008.

Horimoto Kousakusho Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido)

All our dies are designed and manufactured in-house, from drawing to injection molding.

We are a die manufacturer with an extensive track record in drawing dies, among other metal press dies. We particularly excel at progressive dies that are intended for mass production or unattended operation. Injection molding with resin and other materials is another of our strong points. We design and manufacture all kinds of dies in-house, and manufacture press working items and resin moldings. 3D shaped parts and precision parts are also entirely manufactured in-house, including design, production, trial runs, and mass production. Our extensive stock of equipment includes multiple machining centers, wire cut EDM equipment, flat and form grinders, lathes, and power press machines. This also allows us to satisfy various customer needs.

Mizukami Kougyou Co., Ltd. (Toyama Prefecture)

Many of our machined parts and components are adopted by world-class machine manufacturers.

Our company provides precision casting part machining for industrial robot parts, hydraulic components, and so on, and we manufacture high-precision industrial machine parts. We recently realized irregular-shape machining through 3D modeling by introducing five-axis machining tools and CAD/CAM software. This enables us to expand the scope of our business even further to include prototype part development and design proposals. Many of our machined parts and components are adopted by world-class machine manufacturers. We plan to actively participate in exhibitions and business matching events held by public organizations and financial institutions to expand our sales channels.

Itou Denshi Kougyou Co., Ltd. (Yamagata Prefecture)

We have productized transparent, bendable organic thin solar cell panels.

Our company conducts all processes including electronic device production, exterior and mechanism development and design, and product evaluation, production, QA and shipping in-house under an integrated production system. We used to procure materials and conduct board mounting and plastic molding, so we have an extensive knowledge and technology bases within the organization. This helps us to satisfy a wide range of production needs. Our camera module product acquired 14% of the world market in 2008. We also recently productized a transparent, bendable organic thin solar cell panel. We are currently trying to suggest possible applications in the fields of housing, smartphone chargers, and in-vehicle products.

Try Tech Co., Ltd. (Ooita Prefecture)

Our pulverized coal blowing burners have a 20% share of the domestic Japanese market.

Our company designs, manufactures, and sells pulverized coal blowing burners (PC burners used in blast furnaces), boring drills for molten pig iron tapping, and special tools. We provide these products to domestic Japanese steelmakers on a made-to-order basis. We have actively filed patent applications for the products we have developed, and we make use of intellectual property as the core of our business activities. We also actively make use of research institutions and universities to give shape to ideas, and continuously create original products. There are no copycat products relating to our PC burners in either domestic Japanese or overseas markets, and we have a 20% share of the domestic Japanese market. We intend to increase sales channels even further.

Toua Kikou Co., Ltd. (Kagawa Prefecture)

Our production equipment for sanitary goods has been adopted by both domestic Japanese and overseas manufacturers.

We are a machinery manufacturer established in 1974. Our company manufactures and sells mostly heating pad production machines, face mask production machines, and sanitary napkin production machines. Our products are used by major Japanese companies such as Okamoto Industries and Daio Paper. Our machines are also exported to Korean and Taiwanese companies. Our company has accumulated an extensive range of insight and experience regarding sanitary goods since our establishment. We have confidence in our technologies such as cloth and film processing, cutting, weld bonding, adhesion, conveyance, lamination, and packing.

Inoue Wooden Model Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka Prefecture)

We are a casting mold and model manufacturer that satisfies various needs, such as size and type.

We are a wooden mold manufacturer established in 1927. Our company manufactures wooden molds for casting used for general machinery and equipment, plastic molding dies, and prototype models. Our products are used by TOTO, Sinyo, Okano Valve Mfg., Maekawa Electric Steel Casting, and Oguma Industry. We have satisfied a wide range of customer needs by making various products in many different sizes. This covers a range from equipment over ten meters long to precision part models a few centimeters long. We introduced NC machines to satisfy needs for short lead times, low costs, and high quality, as well as to expand our business. We will combine the wooden mold making technology of our engineers with the accuracy of the latest NC machining tools to provide solutions for customer needs and increase sales volume.

Shioiri Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

We have an extensive track record, including inscribing brand names on metal products.

We are a precision part manufacturer established in 1965. Our strength lies in industrial engraving, which makes it possible to carve numbers, letters, and logos on metal workpieces in convex or concave form. This is used for making precision die parts, and also for inscribing serial numbers and brand names on metal products. Our products are delivered to major Japanese companies such as Seiko Epson, Citizen Watch, Nippon Steel, Furukawa Electric, and Enomoto. They are also exported to Enomoto Philippines Manufacturing, Yamaha Indonesia, and other overseas subsidiaries of Japanese companies. We can handle industrial engraving for carving 0.3-mm text (top-to-bottom) in convex form to a depth of 0.1 mm in depth, within a tolerance of 0.01 mm.

USD Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa Prefecture)

We specialize in image inspection systems.

We are a specialized manufacturer of image inspection systems with extensive image processing technology and NC control technology. We apply these technologies to manufacture and sell flaw inspection equipment, printer inspectors, image processing units for liquid crystal inspection systems, and image processing systems for headlight testers. Our products are used by various companies including major manufacturers such as Toyota Motor, Canon, Toshiba Teli, and Anzen Motor Car. We conduct system design, software design, hardware design, mechanism design, and system production in-house, which helps us to satisfy various customer needs and expand our business. Our other lines of business include image processing board and unit development, and OEM product manufacturing and sales.

Nihon Platec Co., Ltd. (Tochigi Prefecture)

Our metal surface treatment is used by major automobile manufacturers.

Our main business is metal surface treatment. Our company has been accumulating plating insight and experience since our establishment in 1949. This allows us to provide optimal solutions to various customer needs, including electroplating, chemical plating (electroless plating), chemical conversion coating, and passivation treatment. We have handled various materials such as iron, copper, and aluminum in response to customer needs, and accepted both small and large works to expand our business. Our processed articles have been delivered to Honda Motor, Toyota Motor, Yamaha Motor, Nissan Motor, and Toshiba Medical Systems. We were selected for listing in 300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Small and Medium Enterprise Agency in 2009.

Climb NCD Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa Prefecture)

We support the automotive industry by creating CAD/CAM mold data.

We create CAD/CAM data, with a focus on producing and selling CAD/CAM data for automotive molds. We do business with many major domestic Japanese automakers such as Toyota Motor, Nissan Motor, Honda, Mitsubishi Motors, Mazda, Hino Motors, Isuzu Motors, and Daihatsu Motor. Our company also creates CG videos. We are involved in machining operations, and we opened a machining technology center in 2007. Our company has an established track record of using five-axis machining to handle shapes with accuracy requirements that cannot be satisfied with three-axis machining. We have obtained numerous patents, including a patent for a press-shearing mold equipped with a rotary cutter.

Shouwa Kikai Co., Ltd. (Aichi Prefecture)

We are a long-established machine manufacturer with a track record in electric drying furnaces, and so on.

We are a machine manufacturer founded in 1934. We manufacture and sell food packaging machines, electric drying furnaces, and so on. We have many customers in Japan including DENSO, Aisin AW, and Alps Electric. We have established a system for integrated support from design and development to machining, assembly, delivery, and installation. We have been providing solutions according to customer needs since our foundation, and expanding our business by taking advantage of our accumulated expertise and experience in manufacturing machines and equipment. We have installed air conditioners in our factory to maintain a comfortable work environment for our employees, which has resulted in improved productivity.

Eco Tech One Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido)

We have a track record of delivering insulated doors for physical distribution warehouses in Japan and abroad.

We are a manufacturer of metallic sashes and door. We mainly design and manufacture insulated doors with which merchandise can be stored and retrieved without raising the temperature in the warehouse. We do business with major domestic Japanese companies. We have a track record of overseas exports to Russia, Korea, and Thailand. We possess the technology to provide integrated support, including peripheral works, as well as manufacturing insulated doors. We have introduced a hot press machine (5.5 m × 2.6 m), which is in the largest class in Japan. We have expanded our business according to various requests, including support for large-scale insulated doors. We also handle design, construction, and maintenance of freezing rooms, refrigerating rooms, cold rooms, fixed-temperature rooms, and constant-temperature rooms.

Oikawa Hamono Kougyou Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido)

We provide integrated services from cutting tool manufacturing to restoration.

We are a mechanical cutting tool manufacturer founded in 1978. We provide comprehensive services relating to cutting tools from manufacturing to regrinding and restoration. We have customers in industries including woodworking such as furniture and fittings, printing, food processing, wrapping, ironworking, waste treatment, resin, plastics, tires, and corrugated cardboard. We can apply brazing with our special silver solder to restore the edge of an ultra-hard blade to an as-new condition if it has chipped or worn off during use. These are our original technologies. We have many skillful technicians and an extensive stock of machine tools and grinding machines. We satisfy various customer needs by combining our craftsman’s technology with specialized equipment.

Sky Co., Ltd. (Toyama Prefecture)

We manufacture precision sheet metal articles, and we are also expanding to the medical treatment field.

We manufacture and sell precision sheet metal articles for industrial machines and textile machines. We mainly handle covers and power supply boxes for machines such as stainless steel equipment. We have arranged an integrated processing system covering from design to development and assembly, and we satisfy various customer needs including quick deliveries and the provision of stable quality. We have acquired JIS Q 9100 aerospace industry quality management system certification, and a license as a medical device manufacturer. We possess our own original advanced technology, and we have entered a growing new field through the technology development in joint research with Toyama University. We do business with major domestic customers such as Sodick and Murata Machinery.

Yokouchi Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa Prefecture)

We have a track record in 3D wood processing that realizes the designer’s image.

We manufacture and sell wood processing products and resin prototype models. We have established 3D wood processing technology in the field of wood processing products. This technology makes it possible to manufacture precise, complicated shapes exactly as imagined by the planners and designers, which had been difficult with manual wood processing. This is done by using 3D CAD/CAM. We can apply this technology to manufacture products such as display articles, acoustic systems and equipment, jigs for packaging, and made-to-order furniture. Our customers include shops, clinics, libraries, art museums, halls, and public facilities that value the warmth of wood. We have a track record of delivering resin prototype models to major home electronics appliance manufacturers and IT equipment manufacturers.

Nature Corporation (Kanagawa Prefecture)

We provide comprehensive security solutions in Japan and abroad.

We provide comprehensive security solutions that cover everything from security device and system development and production to security and building management as well as broadcasting system maintenance. Our company started out in 1972 as a manufacturer of electronic components. We have since expanded the scope of our business to include producing and installing security devices, producing imaging equipment components, and maintaining broadcasting equipment. We have established a track record in these fields by delivering solutions to Sagami Railway, the Imperial Hotel, Toyota subsidiaries, and many other customers. We have delivered security systems overseas to a Japanese affiliate in Thailand. We are now accelerating the establishment of an internal system to expand sales in the Asia region.

Hanshin Co., Ltd. (Hyogo Prefecture)

We have experience in handling engineering plastics and metal machined parts.

Our company is a manufacturer of engineering plastics and metal machined parts. We also manufacture and sell hybrid products combining engineering plastics and metals. We manufacture aluminum pipes and joint parts, and also rolling stock parts, nuclear power-related parts, and semiconductor cleaning equipment parts. We have many customers among major companies in Japan, including Kobe Steel, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nippon Pillar Packing, and Nichias. We have experience in doing business with Japanese companies overseas. We possess a wealth of equipment, and we have been increasing our business volume by satisfying various requests for single articles and medium lots with quick turnarounds. We have confidence in our machining, and we are considering advancing into new fields by applying this technology.

Hada Seiki Co., Ltd. (Hyogo Prefecture)

We supply precision processing parts with a common difference of 1/1000 mm.

We are a precision part manufacturer founded in 1964. We manufacture and sell micro machining and grinding products produced using a lathe. We handle processing from a diameter of 1 mm. We supply products with a common difference of 1/1000 mm. We also have a track record in processing difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium, Inconel, and Hastelloy. We have also handled square material and hexagonal material as well as rods, and expanded our business. We have a track record of doing business with Kawasaki Heavy Industries Precision Machinery Company and Robot Business Center, Air Water Safety Service, and Cosmetic Engineering. We also offer thermoplastic processing.

Hamasei Craft Co., Ltd. (Shizuoka Prefecture)

We are expanding our business in processing aluminum prototype parts for automobiles.

We are an engineering trading company that manufactures aluminum-related prototype parts for the automobile industry. We have a track record of doing business with Jatco, Aichi Machine Industry, Unipres, Fuji Heavy Industries, NIDEC Tosok, and so on. We have established a system in which we examine the engineering after we receive an order from a customer and then handle product inspection and delivery. Our cooperating company conducts the die manufacturing, casting, and processing. We established a processing division in January 2015 and entered into the business of trial gear manufacturing. We hope to expand our business. We want to actively participate in exhibitions and business meetings to promote our technical power and expand our market.