What can you do with J-GoodTech?

You can solve a problem and find a new partner by Needs Information Board.

※ Needs information to be published for all of the J-GoodTech listed companies.

Access information only available to members!

Gain access to detailed members-only information on products and technologies, company transaction results, and sales figures.
*A limited amount of members-only information is available at the moment, but you can expect much more to come in the future!
(*In some cases companies have requested that transaction results, sales figures, and similar data for specific items should not be available even to members. Thank you for understanding.)

Get information directly by contacting a listed company!

Each company and product page is equipped with a “inquiry” section.
Ask questions or request materials and technical matters directly from J-GoodTech listed companies without revealing your own email address.

Exchange your messages and manage your profile in My Page section.

J-GoodTech has prepared My page section.
My page will be created automatically after your registration.
You can exchange messages and manage your profile in the My page.
Appeal the latest information and new products of your own.

Get useful information and the latest updates from special feature articles!

J-GoodTech e-mail magazine publishes special feature articles on hot topics and companies!
We will continue to post the latest industry news, examples of company matching, and other articles on various fields and topics. Let us know via the inquiry form if there are any particular topics that appeal to you!

J-GoodTech Service for member

Membership Status Main servise
View J-GoodTech publication page (corporate information) View J-GoodTech publication page (product technical information) Subscribe email magazine Use My page function Use inquiry function Post needs and issues on Needs Information Board View Needs Information Board View overseas company information
Corporate member
(Able to view the whole of subject posted by the member itself while viewing only titles as for the other subjects. .)
Individual member × ×

※ The corporate staff which already registered as an individual member can switch the status to a corporate member, applying for the corporate registration.

We will continue to add various other features in the future.
We hope you’ll look forward to the evolution of J-GoodTech!