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Latest update: 22/11/2017 02:06:14

Kisou Seichou Co., Ltd.

We are an R&D company capable of developing raw materials that are not available anywhere in the world.

Chemical vapor deposition is an evaporation method for forming thin films made of various substances. We have confidence in our technology related to this method. We are conducting R&D for new chemical vapor deposition equipment that can complete an experiment in a short period from raw material and process screening to high-precision deposition. We are also developing raw materials for new chemical vapor deposition. We can develop raw materials that are not available anywhere in the world. We have strong connections with universities and research institutes and also a process development network. About two-thirds of our staff have doctorates.


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[Company strength]
We can apply our many years of experience in synthesis to develop raw materials that are not available anywhere in the world. We possess deep technical knowledge about chemical vapor deposition and can develop devices reflecting this advantage. Our strength is the know-how that we have built up from nothing by trial and error. We have strong relationships with universities and research institutes, and our strong network for new process development is another strength of our company. Two-thirds of our staff have doctorates, and they are always involved in leading fields in deposition technology. We excel in patent acquisition based on prominent ideas. Raw material and process development is generally assigned to a separate company, but we can conduct this development simultaneously within our company.

Fine chemicals; chemical industry; R&D

[Representative's message]
Our high technology is still far from being well-known. We want to promote sales channel cultivation by enhancing awareness of our technology. We do not have a sales department or dedicated staff for sales. We are greatly dependent on our website, personal connections, and trading firms, so we want to cultivate more effective sales channels. The foundation of Japan's semiconductor, MEMS, and fine chemical industries will decline if Japan continues to lose manufacturers handling CVD raw materials and patent strategies that can satisfy researcher requests. This is why we will promote sales channel development to make our company known among many researchers as soon as possible. Our company possesses technology at the highest level even compared to outside Japan, so we will develop new products with advanced functionality that differ from existing articles.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will conduct advertising via our website and make use of our network based on academic relationships. We will carry out high-level technical negotiations wherever possible to acquire understanding from major companies. We aim to provide finishing that fully satisfies customers in terms of technology. We are focused on developing sales channels for overseas business expansion through domestic Japanese companies that have already advanced into other countries. We constantly review search networks to increase the probability of users choosing to visit our website.

[Awards and media coverage]

The Chemical Daily, "Visit to Fine Chemicals Company Group" (February 21, 2012).

Enhancement of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises' Core Manufacturing Technology and Strategic Core Technology Advancement.

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ

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