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ASCe Co., Ltd.
ASCe Co., Ltd.

  • Business Outline

    We design and manufacture automation. We manufacture labor-saving machinery, processing machinery, inspecting machinery, and the like. Our customers include makers of automotive parts, food processing, and electronic devices.

  • Product Strength

    The needleless injector that we are now selling is an epoch-making device. It can inject liquid seasoning into ingredients without having to use a needle. We have delivered devices for leak clearance, accuracy measuring, visual inspection, robot handling, and so on, to vehicle parts manufacturers. We have delivered hamburger making machines, ramen noodle maturing lines, sponge cake slicers, cookie (ice box) cutters, and palletizing devices to food processing makers.

  • Company Strength

    We can prepare custom-made products in any industry type according to the customer’s request. We can propose products that have incomparable uniqueness based on new ideas. We make proposals in the area of labor-saving machinery to replace manual operations and inspections with automation machines.

  • Company Structure

    We will establish an overseas sales division and point of contact for overseas transactions.

Product List
Message from President
Ryota Goto

The needleless injector we are now developing is a new food processing technology. It is possible to develop unprecedented new products according to the customer’s ideas. We hope to introduce overseas sales in addition to our efforts to cultivate the domestic market. We hope to expand our business from Hokkaido to the whole world.


Awards and Media


TVh, “Keizai-Navi,” Hokkaido Shimbun, Suisan Shimbun, Nikkan Suisan Shimbun, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (mainly on our needleless injectors).

Basic information
Company name ASCe Co., Ltd.
Representative name Ryota Goto
Representative position name
Address ZIP Cpde 003-0826
3-1-17, Kikusuimotomachirokujyo, Shiroishi-ku   Sapporo   Hokkaido
Phone number 011-879-5228
Fax number 011-376-5528
Foundation date 2004
Capital 9,500,000 (JPY)
Employee number 8
URL http://asce-g.com
Transaction performance (domestic) Hitachi High-Technologies, Kyocera-Kitami, Toyota-Hokkaido, Isuzu Engine Manufacturing-Hokkaido, Calbee Potato, Royce, and so on.
JAPANPACK 2013; Monozukuri Craftsmanship Techno Fair 2013, 2014 (planned); 27th and 28th (planned) Business EXPO.