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Tobata seisakusho co.,Ltd.
Tobata seisakusho co.,Ltd.

We supply commercialized copper-cast tuyeres mainly made of high-strength aluminum bronze for high quality.

We manufacture nonferrous metal products for the iron and steel, shipbuilding, and industrial machinery industries. Our products are mainly made of pure copper or copper alloy. We have also expanded our manufacturing to a magnesium alloy featuring excellent heat resistance and non-flammability. In addition, we are developing a copper alloy casting made of high-strength aluminum bronze and copper-cast tuyeres. These are used in an environment where the ambient temperature is 1,800°C or more.

  • Business Outline

    We manufacture and sell nonferrous metal products. In particular, we provide net copper products and copper alloy products for the iron and steel, shipbuilding, and industrial machinery industries. We have also been tackling magnesium manufacturing in recent years. Our heat-resistant nonflammable magnesium alloy has been attracting attention from various industries.

  • Product Strength

    Our copper alloy casting is appreciated in various industries as worm wheels and so on, with the high-strength aluminum we developed being first on the list. Our copper-cast tuyeres for blast furnaces in the iron and steel industry are used under severe environments where the ambient temperature is 1,800°C or more and high quality is expected. We believe that we are leading other manufacturers in Japan in copper welding, which is said to be a difficult technology. We are sure that we can make satisfactory proposals for magnesium alloys because we handle various kinds of materials.

  • Company Strength

    We supply pure copper cast products, which are manufactured by only a few companies in Japan. We deliver products to iron works as tuyeres for blast furnaces, lance nozzles for converters, and wall coolers for electronic furnaces. They are highly appreciated for their high quality. We can handle small-quantity production for prototyping and mass production, and can propose materials and manufacturing methods suitable for customer needs. Quality assurance begins from the design meeting, and we conduct inquiries after use and solicit improvement proposals to supply products that satisfy customers.

  • Company Structure

    The iron and steel industry accounts for the greatest percentage of our transactions. We sell our products mainly to major iron and steel manufacturers represented by Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation and JFE Steel Corporation. Our sales system is organized based on sales staff in respective areas. They are carrying out sales and follow-up activities in their assigned areas, with a commitment to quickly supporting clients, including local trading firms. We make use of trading firms in various regions for overseas activities. Our standard practice is for staff in charge of overseas activities to accompany staff from a trading firm in customer visits and to conduct public relations activities. We are hoping to increase our exports by further strengthening our systems.

Product List
Message from President
Kazuaki Matsumoto

We have been engaged in pure copper casting and nonferrous special welding for many years. We are always committed to enhancing casting and welding technologies and to developing new products without losing our ambition. Exports were not active for several years but the recent trend of a weak yen is establishing a competitive environment. We will take this opportunity to expand our overseas sales. We aim to make our heat-resistant nonflammable magnesium alloy one of our key businesses. To accomplish this we will conduct broad-based public relations activities in the automotive field and so on, as well as the rolling stock field.

Basic information
Company name Tobata seisakusho co.,Ltd.
Representative name Kazuaki Matsumoto
Representative position name President
Address ZIP Cpde 800-0211
8-21, Shinsone, Koguraminami-ku   Kitakyushu   Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone number 093-471-7789
Fax number 093-472-0124
Foundation date 1948
Capital 35,000,000 (JPY)
Employee number 130
URL http://www.tobata-s.com
Transaction performance (domestic) Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation, JFE Steel Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., IHI Corporation, and many other major iron and steel manufacturers.
Transaction performance (overseas) China Steel, Danieli Corus, BSL, AHMSA, and other major iron and steel companies.
Kumamoto Industrial Business Fair 2013, International Magnesium Fair 2013, IFEX 2013 India, Automotive World 2014 (scheduled), the 4th Automotive Weight Reduction Expo (scheduled).