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Seikou Co., Ltd.

Deployment of natural material-derived health foods, cosmetics and foods

We manufacture and sell health foods, cosmetics and foods using plants imported from Sri Lanka as the raw materials. We have developed a number of products exhibiting antiglycation, antioxidative and anti-lipid effects, for the aging care market. We manufacture products based on evidence obtained through industry-university cooperation, and have attracted attention for our additive-free products that contain the minimum possible extra ingredients and use mainly natural materials. With respect to health foods, we focus mainly on improving the intestinal environment, which is the largest immune organ in the body.

  • Business Outline

    Our company is a pioneer of Kothalahimbutu products manufactured in Japan by processing raw materials imported directly from Sri Lanka. Based on evidence obtained through industry-university cooperation, we manufacture a number of additive-free products containing the minimum possible extra ingredients and using just natural materials. We manufacture health foods, cosmetics and foods according to the different properties of the stems and leaves of the raw materials. Thus, our raw materials are highly versatile and have earned a reputation as effective products. We plan to develop sales channels in the aging care market for a group of products that exhibit antiglycation, antioxidative and anti-lipid effects.

  • Product Strength

    We have obtained five patents and one trademark registration, as a pioneer of Kothalahimbutu products based on research evidence obtained through industry-university cooperation. We can multilaterally propose product development since our products use 100% Sri Lankan stem and leaf raw materials, and have high versatility. Our health foods are a group of high-function products focusing mainly on improving the intestinal environment, which is the largest immune organ in the body.

  • Company Strength

    In a comparison between Kothalahimbutu from Sri Lanka and that from India, there is a considerable difference in values. In addition, the Sri Lankan government applies strict controls on the export of Kothalahimbutu. Therefore, it is difficult for other companies to obtain raw materials from Sri Lanka, and we may be the only company currently developing leaf products (cosmetics in particular). We develop superior products by differentiating them from other companies’ products since there is a complementary relationship between the components of the stems and those of the leaves.

  • Company Structure

    We participate in exhibitions at Tokyo Big Sight four or five times a year, and develop new sales channels based on information obtained there. We also ask a mail-order company for external sales, thereby developing BtoB customers to work with our company, by utilizing products and raw materials that we have developed. In addition, we provide English documents to representatives from overseas companies who we meet at various exhibitions, with a view to overseas sales.

Message from President
Takashi Kanetaka

Since we are stronger in manufacturing than selling, we are expanding sales by leveraging external parties in BtoB sales channel development, in order to address the current rapidly changing and diversified business model. We have also registered our company with an online shop (BtoC), and aim to grow sales and profits through their assistance.


Awards and Media


Shokuhin Kogyo (Food Industry), Allergy no Rinsho (Allergy Clinic), Sankei Shimbun, The Mainichi, and Women Seven

Basic information
Company name Seikou Co., Ltd.
Representative name Takashi Kanetaka
Representative position name Representative Director
Address ZIP Cpde 411-0931
50-6, Higashino, Ngaizumichou,   Suntou County   Shizuoka Prefecture
Phone number 055-987-3326
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Foundation date 2002
Capital 50,000,000 (JPY)
Employee number 2
URL http://www.kothala.net