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Hyper V non-slip, wear-resistant work shoes.

We manufacture various kinds of work shoes, including work tabi, school shoes, and safety shoes used in plants and at construction sites, in addition to other industrial rubber products. We use a dynamic slip resistance tester to quantitatively assess slip resistance to construct a system for analyzing the deformation behavior of rubber soles. Our highly slip resistant Hyper V Sheet was born from these efforts.

  • Business Outline

    We manufacture and sell mainly work shoes such as work tabi, school shoes, safety shoes used in plants and at construction sites, and boots. Our Hyper V brand is recognized in the market for the industry-leading anti-slip performance of its rubber soles. Our kitchen shoes are selling well because kitchens are especially slippery environments. We also manufacture and sell industrial rubber products. This applies the know-how we have accumulated during technological development of environment and safety conscious traffic safety materials, recycled products such as elastic paving materials, and shoe products.

  • Product Strength

    We have accumulated many manufacturing technologies in our years of rubber shoe production. This includes sawing techniques, specialty elastomer formulation and vulcanized forming techniques for rubber soles, and special adhesive technology. Our dynamic slip resistance tester quantitatively assesses slip resistance and 3D CAD product design, and we have constructed a system that can analyze the deformation behavior of rubber soles. We have also developed environmental products (recycled products such as recycled rubber), and have a large share of the rubber chip market for elastic paving materials (blocks and tiles). In the field of traffic safety materials, we possess retro-reflection coating technology in which glass beads are spray painted on molded articles made of recycled rubber. This realizes significantly enhanced nighttime visibility.

  • Company Strength

    We have earned the No. 1 position in the work shoe industry thanks to the anti-slip performance of Hyper V. We are trying to expand our business to general industrial fields by making use of our own technologies. This includes our slip control technology, specialty elastomer formulation techniques, special design techniques, and precision machining on molding know-how. We satisfy various requirements for rubber performance under the keyword of “anti-slip” performance.

  • Company Structure

    Our overseas operations department functions as the point of contact for inquiries from overseas companies. We handle inquiries from major companies in the sales division for shoes, or in the sales department in the environmental operations division for general industrial rubber products. Personnel in the product department or technical department reply to technical issues, and resolve them through a visit to the customer whenever necessary.

Product List
Message from President
Ikumasa Watanabe

It has been 80 years since our company was established. Our development keywords are “Safety, Security, and Health.” We are committed to Monozukuri craftsmanship of various work shoes and school shoes as well as environmental materials, by making use of the properties of rubber. In particular, our Hyper V soles, which we released in 2007, are recognized as the No. 1 in the industry for their high anti-slip performance.
In the future, we plan to expand from work-related fields to markets in other fields such as nursing care and outdoor products. We aim to expand our sales channels in China, Korea, Taiwan, and the ASEAN countries.
We will take on new challenges in applying the slip control technologies we acquired in developing anti-slip soles to various industrial fields, without limiting the scope to shoes.


Awards and Media

Aggregate Corporation, Japan New Business Conference (JNB) Chairman’s Prize Award of Excellence, 2008; Chugoku Region New Business Conference Grand Prix Special Prize Chairman’s Award, 2008; Japan Foundation for Promotion of SME Integration, Director’s Prize Best Product Award in 1998.

Fuji Television, “Spear and Shield” (December 2, 2012); TV Tokyo, “Tokoro-san’s Things That School Doesn’t Teach You About” (September 9, 2011); NHK General TV, “Good Morning Japan, Street Information Office” (September 7, 2011); Fuji Television, “Wake UP TV: Investigate” (August 23, 2011).

Basic information
Representative name Ikumasa Watanabe
Representative position name President
Address ZIP Cpde 700-0975
8-16-17, Ima, Kita-ku   Okayama   Okayama Prefecture
Phone number 086-724-5666
Fax number 086-724-5250
Foundation date 1932
Capital 80,000,000 (JPY)
Employee number 70
URL http://www.nisshinrubber.co.jp
Transaction performance (domestic) CO-COS Nobuoka (consigned OEM manufacturing); Shikoku Chemicals (consigned OEM manufacturing of environmental products); LIXIL (anti-skid rubber for shower units).
FOOMA JAPAN 2013 (International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition); Biwako Business Messe 2013; Green Cross Exhibition 2011; International Shoes Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany; FOOMA JAPAN 2014 ? International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition (planned).