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EKUTOM Co., Ltd.
EKUTOM Co., Ltd.

We manufacture molding dies for MIM products which have a density of 95% or more.

We manufacture molding dies for plastic and MIM (Metal injection molding) products. Our MIM can manufacture products that have high precision and low shrinkage (density: 95% or more) using original compound. We have group companies in Tokyo, China, and Vietnam.

  • Business Outline

    We offer an integrated production of molds (die design, manufacturing, and molding) for MIM and plastic products. We develop new materials for MIM products and manufacture jigs and tools. We also provide high-accuracy and low-cost products in cooperation with group companies in China (Ningbo) and Vietnam (Hanoi).

  • Product Strength

    We have skilled engineers who have the exact processing expertise. We can produce a high-precision and low-shrinkage mold, which is produced by original compound, keeping a density of 95% or more for a MIM product. In addition , we have a high employee retention rate, offer an integrated production from design to production, and can, therefore, ensure a thorough compliance with any confidentiality agreements.

  • Company Strength

    We have group companies in Tokyo, China, and Vietnam. The Tokyo office is responsible for operation, planning, and sales; China for die design, and Vietnam for die manufacturing and MIM mass production. We establish our own network system shared by the group companies. We can, therefore, offer an integrated production by sharing the same data and can provide highly productive, highly accurate, and low-cost products.

  • Company Structure

    We have offices in Tokyo downtown, Tokyo (Hachioji) , China (Ningbo City, Zhejiang) , and Vietnam (Hanoi). We also have group companies overseas and are already promoting the overseas expansion. Our sales office in Hachioji is capable of responding to the requests from major companies in a prompt and reliable manner.

Product List
Message from President
Kanemitsu Okizaki

We established our mass production plant in Vietnam as one of our group companies in order to achieve globalization from Tsugaru, Aomori . We process and accumulate our database in Japan and share the same equipment and technologies with our companies overseas via the Internet, in response to the needs of major companies.


Awards and Media

[Awards]: Energy Saving Race “World Econo Move" (2010) 3rd ranked in Fuel Cell Sector
[Media] Too Nippo (May 14 , 2010, Section 16) (As a practical example of the use of Tsugaru Regional Industry Revitalization staff training program)

Basic information
Company name EKUTOM Co., Ltd.
Representative name Kanemitsu Okizaki
Representative position name President
Address ZIP Cpde 037-0011
182-5, Azatakezaki, Oazakaneyama   Goshogawara   Aomori Prefecture
Phone number 0173-38-1230
Fax number 0173-38-1231
Foundation date 1999
Capital 31,500,000 (JPY)
Employee number 16
URL http://www.ekutom.co.jp
Factory (domestic) Ekutom Co., Ltd. (Aomori)
Factory (overseas) MIM mass production and mold making (Japan Mimtech Toko Co., Ltd: Hanoi Vietnam); Mold design and 3D data creation (Ningbo Toko International Trade Co., Ltd: Ningbo City, China)
Other sites Sales planning and sales base (Toko Trade Co., Ltd: Hachioji, Tokyo)
Transaction performance (domestic) Company A, a major fishing gear manufacturer (joint research on resin mold: 2013 - present); Company T, a leading electronic component manufacturer (Japan) ; Leading industrial machinery parts manufacturers (Japan)
Transaction performance (overseas) Ningbo Toko International Trade Co., Ltd. (China: Creation of mold data) ; Japan Mimtech Toko Co., Ltd. (Vietnam: MIM mass production and dies production)
Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Exhibition, 2011, 2012, & 2013, in Aomori, Iwate, & Akita, respectively; New technology & Method Exhibition Conference in DENSO 2013; "Association of Vehicle in Aomori".