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euglena Co.,Ltd.

We develop euglena foods with effects against atopic dermatitis and protective effects for the liver.

We promote R&D as well as production and quality management concerning euglena microalgae. We possess euglena volume culturing technologies and advantages in culturing algae in great volume. We supply materials uniquely produced by euglena, and also engage in R&D. Euglena has been found to have effects from the functionality of its paramylon in suppressing atopic dermatitis and protecting the liver.

  • Business Outline

    We are developing the following four businesses with euglena microalgae culturing as our core technology. 1. R&D and production of euglena and other microalgae 2. Manufacturing and sales of foods and cosmetics from euglena and other microalgae 3. Technology development for biofuels from euglena and other microalgae, and environment-related technology development 4. Development of biotechnology-related businesses and investments

  • Product Strength

    We are the only company in the world that can culture euglena in great volumes. This is why we have an advantage in volume algae culturing, in supplying euglena and materials uniquely produced by euglena, and in related R&D. The fields of application are mainly foods and cosmetics, but we are also conducting applied research for pharmaceuticals, fibers, animal feed, fuels, and many other products. Our products (foods) feature nutrition enhancement by including euglena. Due to the functionality of paramylon, which is a beta-glucan that is unique to euglena, they also mitigate atopic dermatitis, protect the liver from damage, and suppress colorectal cancer.

  • Company Strength

    We are the only company in the world that can culture euglena microalgae outdoors in large volumes. The euglena cell contains various components, and to make the best use of them we are developing functional foods, cosmetics, and pet foods using them as raw materials. Euglena absorbs carbon dioxide by photosynthesis when it is cultured. Its accumulated fats are applicable to jet fuels, and we are now proceeding with R&D for fuel production.

  • Company Structure

    Assigned staff in the marketing department will attend to customers with the cooperation of staff in charge of R&D and business strategies as required. We have dedicated staff for business promotion in some overseas countries.

Product List
Message from President
Mitsuru Izumo

We are the only company in the world that has an outdoor volume culturing technology for euglena. Euglena can make humans healthy with its nutrition enhancement and functionality, and it can make the earth healthy with its oil production and photosynthesis. In Japan, euglena is gradually becoming known as a food material. We will keep up our efforts to have people feel there is nothing unusual about euglena. From now on, we will proceed with overseas expansion mainly in Asia, starting from Bangladesh, where the history of our business began.


Awards and Media

Venture Technology Awards 2010, Grand Prize; Ando Momofuku Awards 2011, Invention and Discovery Encouragement Prize; Japan Venture Awards 2012, Minister’s Prize, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Courageous Management Awards 2012, Special Prize.

Nippon TV, “Meringue no Kimochi” (October 5, 2013); NHK, “Tanken Bakumon” (October 16, 2013); NHK-BS, “Biz + Sunday” (November 17, 2013); BS Japan, “Nikkei Plus 10” (December 16, 2013).

Basic information
Company name euglena Co.,Ltd.
Representative name Mitsuru Izumo
Representative position name Representative Director
Address ZIP Cpde 112-0004
2-6-1Iidabashifasutotawa31F、 Kouraku   Bunkyo-ku   Tokyo
Phone number 03-5800-4907
Fax number 03-3816-4907
Foundation date 2005
Capital 4,790,688,540 (JPY)
Employee number 46
URL http://www.euglena.jp/
Factory (domestic) Okinawa
Transaction performance (domestic) Trading raw materials with ITOCHU Corporation; adoption for supplements by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; adoption on menus at Denny’s restaurants (limited period); adoption by Kyodo Milk Industry; and so on.