J goodtech

J-GoodTech posts information on Japanese SMEs with outstanding niche-top or unique products and technologies on its website in order to help bring those companies into contact with major domestic manufacturers and overseas businesses. J-GoodTech supports your business-to-business matching not only online but offline. This website is operated by Organization for Small, Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN. The J-GoodTech Declaration lays out J-GoodTech's guidelines for action. It provides information that is primarily oriented toward technical strength rather than company size or financial power.

  • Online Matching

    J-GoodTech lets you communicate your needs and problems to specific outstanding SMEs and then receive proposals from them.

    J-GoodTech lets you receive advance information on the participation of outstanding SMEs in exhibitions and events.

  • Offline Business Matching Service

    Holding exhibitions and business meetings

    We actually hold exhibitions and facilitate business meetings between limited participants in addition to those in website.

    Providing information and supports

    We provide information and supports on business matchings making the most of our SME support measures and know-how which we have accumulated.

  • The J-GoodTech Declaration

    Evaluating based on technical strength J-GoodTech presents Japan’s technically proficient SMEs and their products to the world.

    It provides information that is primarily oriented toward technical strength rather than company size or financial power.

    J-GoodTech is a website that gives you what you need when you are looking for advanced technologies and products.

    It strives to be a site that always finds just the right technologies and products to meet your requirements.

    J-GoodTech looks to enhance value for both the suppliers and users of technologies and products.

    It also works for the creation of new value in industry by bringing both sides together.

What can you do with J-GoodTech?
Get information on great companies!

J-GoodTech collects information on Japanese Monozukuri (manufacturing) craftsmanship SMEs, including top niche companies and companies with unique technologies.

J-GoodTech attempts to provide as many users as possible with information matched to their needs. It features a "Keyword search" that allows you to search for any keyword, and a “click search” that lets you narrow your search results by clicking and selecting keywords. You can get started by trying out the search feature!

Get useful information and the latest updates from special feature articles!

J-GoodTech publishes special feature articles on hot topics and companies!

We will continue to post the latest industry news, examples of company matching, and other articles on various fields and topics. Please let us know via the opinion form if there are any particular topics that appeal to you!

What can you do if you become a registered member?
Get the latest information by setting bookmarks!

You can bookmark pages on the businesses, products, and technologies that interest you.

When you bookmark a page, you can log in to directly access it at any time. J-GoodTech will also send out notifications when your bookmarked company/product pages are updated. We will also provide the latest event information, such as plans to present companies and products at exhibitions.

(The information services described above are scheduled to begin within the year.)

Access information only available to members!

Gain access to detailed members-only information on products and technologies, company transaction results, and sales figures.* A limited amount of members-only information is available at the moment, but you can expect much more to come in the future! (*In some cases companies have requested that transaction results, sales figures, and similar data for specific items will not be available even to members. Thank you for understanding.)


Get information directly by contacting a relevant company!

Each company and product page is equipped with a “contact” section.

Ask questions or request materials directly from listed companies without revealing your own email address.

Get the perfect products and technology through "needs submission."

You can use SME Support Japan as an intermediary to submit your needs to multiple companies at the same time. You will receive offers from companies with the capacity to support your needs.

You can then hold individual business meetings as desired.

J-GoodTech provides various kinds of support in your search for a partner that meets your needs, and your search for the perfect product or business!

(*A partner member is a member managed by a company registered as a J-GoodTech Partner.)