World Chemical Co., Ltd.

Original structured gyro skimmer collects spilled crude oil on the ocean's surface.

World Chemical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer of environmental equipment. They are mainly specialized in fluid transferring systems such as corrosion-resistant chemical pump used for chemical solution tank in plants and factories, floating oil collecting systems and self-priming filtering systems. In various environments including the sea, river and factory settings, their fluid transportation technology is utilized effectively.

Gyro skimmer developed by World Chemical offers far greater efficiency of oil collection by their unique double float water surface adjusting design. Because the two floats move independently, it always keeps the collection opening in a constant depth from the liquid surface. This unique structure markedly increased the efficiency of floating oil collection. This product gained prominence during the Gulf War. Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry sent the product to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman to collect the oil spilled in the Persian Gulf.
The current Gyro skimmer model, YD-GYP Type, received the Good Design Award in 1995.

Japanese Coast Guard chooses the Gyro Skimmer for emergency use. Floating oil collection system for plants also showing great performance.

Coolant saver portable YD-150FS-16CSP Type

Their pursuit of new technology never stops. Gyro Skimmer YD-GYP Type can follow surface changes such as the movement of the waves and collects the oil spill from the sea and river consistently. But up until now, it could not to be used in disaster emergencies because of the power source. To combat this, in 2010 World Chemical delivered "SkimBoy"(GY+EM)as an emergency spillage oil collecting system for the Japan Coast Guard. For better usability, not only onshore, but also on a ship, the SkimBoy uses engine pump technology instead of electricity. The exclusive container makes it easier to carry the system's equipment. With its outstanding mobility- only gyro float part which has suction port will go on the water- SkimBoy collects floating oil swiftly. The functionality of this product has been vetted and the company is now scheduled to deliver additional orders to the Japan Coast Guard by March, 2014.

The company's original double float methodology is used not only the sea and the river but also the floating oil collection in automobile manufacturing and the metal processing plants. Particularly, the product shows its ability for floating oil collection on the coolant liquid used for machine tools. The Coolant saver YD-16CSN-250-45 Type, which is exclusively for machine tool use, is a fixed floating oil collection system to help the machine tool generate high oil amounts. This innovative space-saving system, where the pump is integrated with the separator, can be set independently. The company anticipates high levels of demand from machine tool manufacturers.

Super mag YD-GV Type

Whereas the mobile Coolant saver portable YD-150FS-16CSP Type can collect floating oil on the courant liquid while going around several machine tools one after another. Since the product requires only air as the power source, this system could be used in any country with different voltages.

The valve-less chemical pump with world fastest self-priming performance has been in a great demand

Super mag YD-GV Type

The example of installation

They have a good reputation for the chemical pump which started with oil collection system at the same period. World Chemical Solutions specializes in the valve-less self-priming magnet pump represented by Super mag YD-GV Type,YD-GVF Type. It has a unique advantage that can transfer chemical solution with the world's fastest self-priming performance, without making a hole in a tank like other conventional push-in pumps. Take for instance, a natural disaster occurrence such as an earthquake or a system shock, the push-in pump may cause the second disaster from leaking chemical solution in the tank, but self-priming pump has a tank separated from the plumbing, so it can be used with no worry about those situations. Also the other chemical pumps use directional control check valve to keep enough priming water in a casing, this special valve-less structure doesn't have check valve, so it prevents outflow caused from the clogging of dust or the eventual wear and tear of a check valve.

The self-priming magnet pumps are available in various sizes in accordance to the amount of liquid needed to be transferred, as well as being customizable to much the chemical solution's specific gravity or the situational use. It's flexible and suitable for many needs.

Their original horizontal pump is optimal for printed circuit board etching.

Dry Free YD-VK Type

Vertical seal-less circulation pumps as typified by Dry Free YD-VK/VP Type are their original product. Not for fluid transferring, this product is used for medicine mixing and replacement in the place with less change on the surface of the liquid.

The most common use is a pump to spray chemical solution for the printed circuit board etching. The pump sprays the solution on the printed circuit board and circulates the liquid before putting it back.

Traditionally, a pump always needed a seal to prevent the liquid from getting into a motor from the area of the shaft connecting motor and pump, but this product is seal-less with only a small amount of setting condition required. The motor has to be put higher than the liquid surface, but otherwise this seal-less pump makes maintenance a lot easier and can be used for many years. These vertical pumps are used not only for the printed circuit board etching, but also for the exhaust gas treatment facility (scrubber) in washing tower, which treats gases generated from industrial manufacturing processes with water.

Expanding to the ASEAN countries that have electronic component manufacturing plants, as well as steel and chemicals industries

World Chemical is ambitious in its overseas expansion plan. They already have subsidiaries in Suzhou China, Taiwan and the United States. Factories in Suzhou and Taiwan are manufacturing standard products and can ship directly to neighboring countries. Because there has been a shift to producing printed circuit boards in Asia, World Chemical in a very strategic place when it comes to sales. They have sales agents in numerous Asian countries including Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia, along with making agency contracts in European countries including UK, France and Belgium, where demand for large pumps is growing.

In addition to the electronic parts industry, World Chemical is also making efforts into the robust auto industry, both at home and abroad. They are also poised to raise the market awareness for their products in the chemical steel industry.

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